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Another Maine Area Affected by Leek Moth

Leek moth cocoon Adult leek moths A leek plant destroyed by leek moth larvae. By David Fuller Photos by the author Leek moth was identified in 2017 by Cooperative Extension in Jackman. Those populations have subsequently migrated south to Long Pond Township, a distance of about 10 miles. Now leek moth has also been found in Rangeley

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Growing Ramps from Seed

Ramps take advantage of the early spring sunlight to grow and store reserves in the root system before forest trees leaf out. Three-year-old ramp seedlings in seed flats. By Heather McCargo Ramps are a delicious wild edible food beloved by chefs and locavores. Also known as wild leeks (Allium tricoccum), they are a member of

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Onions That Fit

‘Shaker’ is one of the largest, most vigorous top-setting onions. Will Bonsall photo By Will Bonsall I want to have fresh onions all year, but there’s a window in late spring-early summer when any bulb onions left in the cellar are sprouted or rotten and the new crop has yet to come in. Moreover there

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Onion Thrips

Onion thrips (left) and western flower thrips (right). Alton N. Sparks, Jr., University of Georgia. From https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Thrips_tabaci,_Frankliniella_occidentalis.jpg By Tom Vigue Before 2002, I had seen the insect called thrips only under a microscope in entomology lab. Then in early July 2002, my onion crop was withering when the bulbs had just begun to size up,

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Growing Onions in Northern New England

John Fuchs with his ‘Ailsa Craig’ onions. Photo courtesy of John Fuchs. By John Fuchs Three key factors are involved in bringing in a bumper crop of large, tasty onions in northern New England: providing the right soil conditions; planting onions at the right time; and selecting the right varieties to plant. Onions grow best

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Allium Pests

By Eric Sideman, Ph.D. Winter is the time to plan gardening and farming practices that will overcome problems from the past year. It is a time of optimism. Looking forward to great success is easy with all the beautiful pictures in seed catalogs, but the rotting vegetables in the root cellar may bring back a

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Harvest Time Recipes for Alliums

Onions at MOFGA’s Common Ground Education Center, ready for harvest in September. English photo. by Roberta Bailey After living most of my adult life without running water, hoses are an absolute marvel of technology and a blessing to me. I never cease to find joy in the ease of running a hose to the garden

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How to Start Onions From Seed

Home gardeners can easily grow all the onions they’ll need for the year. The easiest way is to plant “sets” (small onions) in the spring. Sets are available from seed catalogs, garden centers and hardware stores. In late April or early May, place the small bulbs about an inch deep in the garden, with four

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