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Harvest Kitchen Cooking from the Garden

Stock up on ingredients for fall and winter recipes at the Common Ground Country Fair farmers’ markets. John Williams photo By Roberta Bailey Here we are at another September, another Common Ground Country Fair. We have persevered through drought and heat, wild thunderstorms and unexpectedly chilly nights. We have reveled in a cool breeze, cooled

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Maple Syrup Production for Beginners

1996 Farmer to Farmer Conference Gregory Moore of Heartfelt Farm in Cushing and Ellis Percy of Spruce Bush Farm, recently relocated to Jefferson, talked about their systems for producing and marketing maple syrup. Like most people who get involved in maple syrup, they started out with backyard production, boiling on the kitchen stove or in

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Maple Syrup

by Roberta Bailey One of the best things about life is being able to step back and laugh at one’s self. Lately I’ve been chuckling over my decision to try to eat more locally grown food. I recently read Gary Paul Nabhan’s Coming Home to Eat, The Pleasures and Politics of Local Foods, in which

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By Jean English Jamie Graeger leads an amphibious life. For three-week stints, he is at sea with the Merchant Marine; during alternate three-week periods, he is firmly grounded, raising certified-organic garlic, gathering and boiling maple sap, and raising nursery stock for Fedco Trees. You might expect his life to be a see-saw affair, and to

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Mountain Maple

Edwina and Steve Hardy, though “retired,” keep busy with their maple sugaring operation. Jane Lamb photo. By Jane Lamb Steve Hardy figures he began “sugaring” – as it’s called in his native Vermont; in Maine they call it “sapping” – when he was about eight years old. His mother told him he’d have to wait

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