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Harvesting Winter Squash for Peak Flavor and Optimal Storage Life

By Caleb Goossen Winter squash look ready to harvest before they actually are mature. It is important to wait for maturity to maximize storage life and eating quality, whenever possible. The fruit of most squash varieties reach full size by 20 days after pollination (fruit set). Accumulation of starch and other dry matter peaks at

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Low tech Grain Production

Banatka wheat with a dense understory of Dutch white clover, and no weeds. Hand harvesting Banatka wheat. Temporary storage in a drying cart. Threshing uses a modified MacKissic chipper-shredder. By Ben Hoffman After struggling for 10 years trying to grow and process cereal grains, I joined forces with an equally frustrated Bob Mowdy. We worked

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Honoring Hestia

Colette harvests big tomatoes, and abundance of chard, and much more to supply her family all year with fresh and preserved produce. Photo courtesy of the Thompson family. by Marada Cook Hestia was a goddess of hearth and fire. Greek script lacks capital letters to distinguish names from objects, so Hestia meant literally the ‘hearth,’

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Garlic All Year

by Jean English, Copyright 2006 Garlic planting season is coming! Mid- to late-October is the time to plant individual cloves of garlic in the ground in Central Maine, so September is the time to make sure you have cloves to plant. After they’re planted, the cloves send out roots before the ground freezes, then, in spring,

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Winter Squash Big Yields From Spectacular Plants

May 2009 By Jean English and Eric Sideman Photo by Jean English A 50-foot row of winter squash can yield 80 pounds or more – 80 pounds of a high-fiber vegetable that is rich in vitamins and minerals, can be stored long into winter and makes a delicious main course, side dish or dessert. Yes,

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