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Natural dyeing your clothes

Harvest marigold flowers now to make a dye. English photo. The beauty of our natural world encompasses all colors, and many natural dyers attest to the fact that everything dyed using mother nature’s colors will blend together with grace. Nothing clashes, and no colors are richer or more jewel-like than those of fibers colored using

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Members of the Back Bay Garden Club of Boston decorate Christmas wreaths as a fundraiser. Profits are used to make grants and to help care for and replant trees in the Back Bay. By Norma Jane Langford Photos by the author If you live near an urban or suburban population, decorating and selling Christmas wreaths

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Carol Spack and Bobby, the camel – in “person.” Photo courtesy of Carol Spack. An Artist’s Contribution to the Conservation of Rare Breeds By Holli Cederholm Massachusetts-based artist Carol Spack started sculpting rare breeds of farm animals in a series of events she refers to as nothing short of serendipity. In fact, she didn’t even

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