No-till Farming

April 4, 2022

In September of 2022, MOFGA visited Orange Circle Farm in Berwick, Maine, to talk about no-till farming with Jeff Benton, the owner, and Becky Deering of Tiny Roots Farm in Litchfield, Maine. In their conversation, Benton and Deering discuss the why and how of no-till farming, a practice that promotes soil health by avoiding conventional tillage methods. Learn about the practices they use in their market gardens and get inspired to implement some no-till techniques in your own garden or homestead this season!

Jeff Benton is the owner of Orange Circle Farm in Berwick. Orange Circle Farm is a solar-powered, no-till farm that produces MOFGA-certified organic vegetables for a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program serving the communities of Berwick, Durham, Stratham and Kittery.

Becky Deering is a co-owner of Tiny Roots Farm, a MOFGA-certified mixed vegetable and microgreen farm in Litchfield, Maine. Working on ½-acre, they use no-till, bio-intensive practices with a focus on soil health. They participate in two Southern Maine farmers’ markets, wholesale accounts, offer a CSA and have a self-serve farm stand on the farm.

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