Quick Hoops

Winter 2012-2013

“Quick Hoop Half-Pipe”

This “Quick Hoop Half Pipe” displayed at the Common Ground Country Fair measured 6 by 10 feet and held 20 pepper plants. The same sort of structure could be used to produce greens into and through winter.

Says Jack Kertesz, who built the structure, “With a bender, a few fasteners and some boards, you can build a moveable structure like this. The space allows you to crawl in if you are limber enough, or you could just flip it on its back temporarily to weed or harvest. Alternatively, roll-up sides would allow egress. The extra rigidity [from the wooden frame and the strapping at the peak] might be enough to fend off snow loads. Don’t forget to anchor these, as they make great kites.

“For higher clearance, this unit could be set on posts as a kind of knee wall, with the base wrapped in plastic. (The Amish do this with some of their larger greenhouses.) Quick Hoops lend themselves to customization. Modify one to your needs and see how it works.” English photos.

Eliot Coleman Improves on the Quick Hoop

Eliot Coleman has developed an improved method for supporting Quick Hoops structures the extend the growing season. He adds a straight piece of metal conduit going from the end hoops into the bed and a curved piece of conduit pulling plastic down to the ground on the outside ends of the beds. Photos courtesy of Johnny’s Selected Seeds.

End wall support Quick Hoop end wall
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