Fleece Show & Fleece Sale

Fleece Sale: Knowing that variety is the key to a good sale, the Fleece Tent coordinators encourage interested growers of all breeds of sheep, alpacas, llamas, angora goats and fiber bunnies to take part. Growers wishing to pre-register should contact Meredith Toumayan at 207-722-3087 or meredith.toumayan@gmail.com. Let us know how many fleeces you plan to submit so we can send you the right number of tags and registration forms. The packet includes a detailed cover letter. When you receive your packet, please fill out the tags and forms as completely as possible. We recommend the use of return address labels or a rubber stamp to expedite the form completion. There is no need to return anything. The numbered tags should be firmly attached to the fleece bags, and the forms submitted when you deliver your fleeces to the Fleece Tent.

Fleeces – All fleeces brought to the Fleece Tent should be this year’s clip. Fleeces should be submitted starting no earlier than 1:00 p.m. on Thursday and should come in no later than 5:30. Fleeces must be well-skirted and as free of vegetable matter and other contaminants as possible. The coordinators reserve the right to assess fleeces for quality and appearance as they come in. Please remember that the emphasis of this sale is on the best in handspinning fleeces.

Fleeces may be submitted on other days during the Fair, but only before 8:00 a.m. Cars may be driven onto the Fairgrounds only until 8:00 a.m. for delivery of fleeces, and they must be off the grounds by 8:30 a.m. For those unable to pre-register, there will be a supply of registration materials available at the Fleece Tent throughout the weekend. Please be advised that Friday morning can be incredibly busy, making on-the-spot registration difficult. We strongly encourage pre-registration of fleeces AND delivery on Thursday.

Fleece Show: The Fleece Show on Saturday will include wool and specialty fibers. Wool judging will start at 10 a.m., and specialty fibers judging will follow. Wool growers may submit one fleece – from this year’s clip only – in each of the following categories: white or colored; and within those divisions, fine, medium, long; and primitive/dual-coated. Specialty fiber growers may submit one fleece in each of the following categories: alpaca and llama – white, colored and cria (under one year at time of shearing); goat – adult and kid mohair, cashmere, pygora and cashgora. The fee for each entry is $3. Angora rabbit fiber may be submitted as follows: one fleece each for plucked, white and colored; and one each for clipped, white and colored. For further information about submitting fiber to the sale and/or show, please contact Meredith Toumayan at 207-722-3087 or [email protected].

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