Donkey and Mule Show

The Donkeys Want to Meet You!

The Donkey and Mule Show will take place on Saturday morning in the Show Ring. The show starts at 9:15, rain or shine. To really appreciate donkeys and mules, you must watch us (the donkeys and mules) working with our servants (they call themselves our owners). We are loving creatures who want to please and are willing to do the unusual biddings of these folks. Watch us jump, pull wagons and haul logs, carry our servants on our backs, follow them around obstacles and encourage them to play silly games. Come to our show and join the fun! Talk to the people who think they own us; ask a lot of questions – you’d be surprised at what you may learn about us! Sometimes we even talk back just to see you smile. Judge and clap for the servants who show us. Clap for us all in the costume class and enjoy your stay with us. Then visit us at the barns, where we can chat more. HEE-HAW!

Class List

  1. Jennie Donkeys
  2. Gelding Donkey
  3. Open Mules – 48″ and under
  4. Open Mules – 48″ and over

15 min Intermission

  1. Donkey Jumping
  2. Mule Jumping
  3. Obstacle Course – Leading
  4. Egg and Spoon – Leading
  5. Costume Class


  • All Certificates of Liability Insurance should be shown/sent with class registration.  Maine Association of Livestock Exhibitors membership cards will be accepted as proof of Insurance.
  • Rabies/Coggins test results must be available for inspection.
  • Please use one entry form per horse/rider combination.
  • No gait faster than a walk will be allowed in any area other than the warm-up area.
  • If there are less than 3 entries in a class, the class may be combined at the discretion of show committee.
  • Anyone wishing to speak to the Judge must first receive permission from the Show Manager and be accompanied by the Show Steward.
  • Management reserves the right to decline any entry and to remove any person from the show grounds without refund of entry fee.

Download the Donkey & Mule Show Registration Form (PDF)

Remember: All participants must show proof of liability insurance, rabies vaccination, and negative Coggins test for their animals. NO EXCEPTIONS. Please don’t ask!

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