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Pest Reports 2014

Pest Report – August 14, 2014 In this issue:Late Blight UpdateRhizoctonia in BrassicaPlectosporium BlightWhen to Harvest Winter SquashBasil Downy Mildew UpdateRead more Pest Report – July 18, 2014 In this issue:Spotted Wing DrosophilaBlack Leg in PotatoesPotato Leaf Hopper on Beans and PotatoesPowdery Mildew in Cucurbit CropsRead more Pest Report – July 7, 2014 In this

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Pest Reports 2013

Pest Report – September 13, 2013 In this issue: Sweet Potato Harvest and Storage Read more Pest Report – August 29, 2013 In this issue: Spotted Wing Drosophila Update Basil Downy Mildew Plectosporium on Summer Squash When to Harvest Winter Squash Read more Pest Report – August 2, 2013 In this issue: Buckeye Rot of

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Look Whos Been Talking

Toki Oshima drawing By Teresa L. Johnson Just like those creepy talking trees in “The Wizard of Oz,” the plants in your garden are talking to each other. Scientists have now identified ways that plants communicate with each other and with other species. “Plants have sensory systems. They perceive a lot of things, they process

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Volunteer Fall 2012

Fred Robie. English photo. By Hannah Kreitzer If you happen to be among the hundreds who arrive at the Common Ground Country Fair on a bicycle, you’re sure to be greeted with much fanfare, reduced price of admission, and valet parking for your vehicle. You also stand a good chance of encountering Fred Robie. Robie,

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