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Squash bug. Photo credit: 1 By Eric Sideman, Ph.D. Fall chores are my favorites. At no other time do I have more hope for a successful garden than the fall before. Autumn is even better than spring, especially last spring when we all realized very early in April that it was not going to be

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Lyme Disease

Avoiding Ticks 1.Wear long pants, tuck pant legs into socks and tuck your shirt into your pants when walking in woods, brush or tall grass. Ticks attach to clothing and then walk upward. 2. Wear light-colored clothing, to spot ticks more easily. 3. Inspect yourself, your clothing, companions and pets for ticks after a ramble

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Tips Tidbits

Homemade lettuce seed mix. English photo. Custom Lettuce Seed Mix Managing Blight on Tomatoes Seeking Rare Ladybugs Controlling Fruit Flies in the Home The Recycled Garden Goats and Cattle Graze Together Mechanical Methods Reduce Weed Seedbank Rolling and Crimping Cover Crops Festulolium Rotation? Make Your Own Custom Lettuce Seed Mix If you have several packets

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‘Graffiti’ (top left), ‘Amazing’ (right) and ‘Cheddar’ cauliflower. Hutton says that ‘Cheddar’ is by far the favorite with the crew at Monmouth. Photo courtesy of Mark Hutton. The Maine climate is great for producing brassicas. At the 2007 Farmer-to-Farmer Conference, Mark Hutton of the University of Maine Cooperative Extension’s Highmoor Farm in Monmouth and Jason

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Carrot Rust Fly

The larva of the carrot rust fly is a maggot that tunnels into carrots.  Photos by Eric Sideman. by Eric Sideman, Ph.D. I have lived in the same house in Greene, Maine, for over 20 years, and the carrot rust fly has been a problem only one of those years. But it was awful that

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Pest Reports 2019

The Pest Report is a compilation of short discussions of pests, diseases and practical growing considerations relevant to the time of year. These discussions have been written by Eric Sideman, myself, and sometimes other New England crop advisors. Discussions of pest and diseases include the biology of the organisms themselves, symptoms and effects on plants,

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Pest Reports 2018

Pest Report – August 1, 2018 In this issue: Spotted Wing Drosophila Hornworm Garlic Problems Read more Pest Report – July 6, 2018 In this issue: Cabbage Aphid Squash Bug Powdery Mildew Read more Pest Report – June 25, 2018 In this issue: Potato Leafhopper Alert Cucumber Beetle Early Blight Thrips on Onions Three Lined

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Pest Reports 2017

Pest Report – August 23, 2017 In this Issue: Garlic Problems Cabbage Aphid Read more Pest Report – July 24, 2017 In this issue: Spotted Wing Drosophila (SWD) Squash Vine Borer Three-lined Potato Beetle Powdery Mildew Squash Bug Read more Pest Report – June 26, 2017 In this issue: Potato Leafhopper Imported Cabbage Worm and

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Pest Reports 2016

Pest Report – December 2, 2016 In this Issue: Downy Mildew of Spinach Read more Pest Report – July 7, 2016 In this issue: Squash Vine Borer Striped Cucumber Beetle Three-Lined Potato Beetle Colorado Potato Beetle Imported Cabbage Worm Potato Leafhopper Powdery Mildew Squash Bug Read more Pest Report – May 27, 2016 In this

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Pest Reports 2015

Pest Report – August 11, 2015 In this issue: Late Blight Alert – August 11, 2015 Read more Pest Report – July 20, 2015 In this issue: Tomato Leaf Diseases Squash Bug Powdery Mildew of Cucurbits Read more Pest Report – June 25, 2015 In this issue: Potato Leafhopper Imported Cabbage and Other “Worms” Colorado

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