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Aronia melanocarpa ‘Viking.’ English photo. By Roberta Bailey New England is rich in plant medicine, and learning that our medicine cabinet just expanded is exciting. Have you heard about the new super fruit? It appears to be better than all the others that have been touted in the last decade. And the best part is

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By Deb Soule Ginkgo biloba is thought to be the oldest living genus of seed plants on our planet and is the only member of the genus Ginkgo. Its family is Ginkgoaceae. Botanists who study the evolution of plants through their fossil remains have found that ginkgo has remained unchanged for the past 150 million

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Common St Johnswort

Common St. Johnswort, Hypericum perforatum (right), is a useful medicinal herb that is easy to grow in the garden. Illustration from Field Book of American Wild Flowers by F. Schuyler Mathews, G.P. Putnam’s Sons, N.Y., 1902. By Deb Soule Common St. Johnswort (Hypericum perforatum) is native to Europe and has naturalized in fields and along roadsides throughout

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Self Heal

Self-heal or heal-all (Prunella vulgaris) is reputed to help treat deep wounds, including those of emotional origin. It has also been used to help remove mercury from the body. Illustration from Handbook of Plant and Floral Ornament from Early Herbals, by Richard G. Hatton, Dover, N.Y., 1960. By Deb Soule The names of plants and

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Brenda Lynn Gould Traditional Community Herbalist

By Joyce White Copyright 2006 Brenda Lynn Gould, an herbalist specializing in medicinal mushrooms, tries to empower interested people to learn and use what’s in their own back yards to create and maintain good health. Just as she learned from her parents, grandparents and other elders, as well as from the plants themselves, she’d like

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