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By Jean English “When you have cut down the last tree and polluted the last river, eliminated the last living being, you’ll realise that you can’t eat money.” Banner put up by protesters at the entrance to the Novartis headquarters in Orrigio, Italy, in May. ” … we are already at the point where deeper

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Biotechnology in Agriculture: A European Perspective

Hans Hosbach, head of the biotechnology section of BUWAL, Switzerland’s environmental ministry. Sharon Tisher photo. By Sharon Tisher Last April, a story was zapped to me over the internet about a Swiss prohibition of trials of genetically modified maize and potatoes. According to Hans Hosbach, head of the biotechnology section of BUWAL, Switzerland’s environmental ministry,

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Petunia Genes

Only Monsanto Knows For Sure! • Maine Consumers Refused Right to Know Food Ingredients • Monsanto Goofs, Recalls Seed Containing Unapproved Gene By Jean English We are in the midst of a genetic revolution, with some new feat of genetic engineering being reported in the news every week or, sometimes, every day. While some supporters

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Organic at Risk

The Gerritsens’ Letter to the EPA By Jim Gerritsen Editor’s Note: While Monsanto continues to engineer more varieties of potatoes to be toxic to the Colorado potato beetle, organic growers continue to protest what they see as an irresponsible use of a useful insecticide. This article, reprinted from The WoodPrairie SeedPiece (Winter/Spring 1997) explains why

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by Spencer Aitel Copyright 2006 by the author Following is, verbatim, the keynote speech delivered at MOFGA’s Common Ground Country Fair on Sept. 23, 2005. Aitel is a certified-organic dairy farmer in China, Maine. Opinions expressed in keynote addresses at MOFGA events are those of the speakers and do not necessarily represent the views or

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Organic Cotton and Fair Trade

As Goes Cotton… by Alex Owre Copyright 2006 Eli Whitney was just trying to help. Before he invented the cotton gin in 1793, workers removed cotton seeds from the fiber by hand, cleaning one pound a day. Using his simple machine, a single person could clean 50 pounds. In just a few years, this labor-intensive

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GE Trees

“What we are doing to the forests of the world is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another.” – Mahatma Gandhi Corporations stealthily introduced genetically engineered (GE) foods into agriculture and supermarkets in the past decade, and consumers rebelled. Less publicized, however, are GE trees, which are

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Biotech Forum

“Biotechnology: Bane or Boon?” was the topic of the day-long forum hosted by the Maine Department of Agriculture and its Board of Pesticides Control (BPC) in Bangor on November 14, 2002, and attended by over 150 people. As promised, Maine’s Agriculture Commissioner Bob Spear served up a menu of federal regulators, a scientist, and a

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TAC Conference

On November 16, Colby College hosted the Toxics Action Center’s (TAC) 2002 conference, the 25th conference the organization has offered in New England in the past 15 years. Over 70 people, including private citizens, representatives of local, state and national environmental action groups, and students from the college’s Environmental Studies program, were present for the

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