Organic Certification During the COVID 19 Pandemic

  By Chris Grigsby, Director, MOFGA Certification Services LLC The unprecedented nature of the COVID-19 global pandemic has caused tremendous disruption to so many aspects of our daily lives, including our food system. MOFGA Certification Services (MCS) has also had to shift the organic certification process due to the regulatory requirements. The USDA National Organic

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Twenty Years Later

By Eric Sideman, Ph.D. I have worked for MOFGA for a long time, but I usually let each anniversary of my starting date pass without celebration – because of mixed feelings. I really love the job of being the organic “extension” guy, and I have a great time working with all the MOFGA folks day

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MOFGAQuestions Proposed Animal ID System

Livestock Health Workshop By Diane Schivera The U.S. Department of Agriculture, working closely with livestock industry representatives, has proposed a system that would require all farms in the country to be registered and all animals to have a formal identification system. The National Animal ID System (NAIS), as proposed, would require that all premises in

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National Animal ID Addressed at Common Ground

by Alice Percy Recent articles in several publications devoted to small-scale farming and homesteading have strongly criticized the USDA’s proposed National Animal Identification System.  Consequently many people have contacted MOFGA over the past year asking what effects the system might have on their operations and how they should respond to any attempts by the Maine

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