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Growing Berries Herbs and Flowers

Raspberry plants are abundantly productive and take only a small amount of work in the home garden. English photo Calendula is easy to grow, produces sunny bouquets and is used in medicinal salves and other skin-care products. English photo Pots of basil set on a deck are readily available for snipping. English photo By Joyce

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Fiddleheads: Grow Your Own!

Farming Fiddleheads? Raspberries and Fiddleheads Grow Together in Camden Garden Fiddlehead croziers emerging in spring. English photo A fiddlehead fern in late spring, with fertile fronds from the previous year. English photo By David Fuller Agriculture/non-timber forest products professional, UMaine Cooperative Extension, Franklin County Ostrich ferns, an herbaceous perennial that can reach five feet in height, die

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High Tunnels

Speakers at MOFGA’s November 2012 Farmer to Farmer Conference addressed three crops suitable for growing in high tunnels: raspberries, ginger and winter sprouting broccoli. Raspberries in High Tunnels – Prospects for Maine David Handley of UMaine Cooperative Extension said that raspberries are challenging to grow, especially regarding labor. They’re the one crop he deals with

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Wait to Prune Raspberries

By Roberta Bailey Raspberries are the most commonly grown bramble in the home garden. For those preparing to make the leap out of the tomato patch and go beyond cucumbers, raspberries are an easy choice: You can be eating freshly picked berries in just a few years. Depending on the variety, raspberries supply a summer

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By Jean English Tom Hoerth of Bath ate a handful of raspberries, “big, full, really nice berries.” Locally grown berries … Maine berries … on the 27th of March this year! Hoerth says that he still has to pinch himself to believe that he has 1800 raspberry plants going in his greenhouse, located in Wiscasset,

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Raspberries: Challenging But Profitable

by Jean English Growing raspberries in high tunnels can extend the growing season by several weeks, increasing yields and profits (and labor requirements) and enabling growers to raise varieties that aren’t winter hardy otherwise. Photo courtesy of Pennsylvania grower Wayne Breisch. “Raspberries are one of the more challenging crops I deal with,” says Maine’s vegetable

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Raspberry Recipes

Raspberry Recipes by Roberta Bailey Copyright 2006 I love berries…all kinds of berries. When I was a child, I knew every berry patch or vine or tree and when they would ripen. My summer was a grazing progression from one fruit or berry to the next, starting with wild strawberries, red and black raspberries, blueberries,

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Beautiful Berries Lead to Thriving Business

Dale-Ila Riggs with a bountiful raspberry crop growing in her high tunnel. Photo courtesy of The Berry Patch By Jean English For Dale-Ila Riggs and Don Miles of The Berry Patch in Stephentown, N.Y, about 10 miles from Pittsfield, Mass., berries helped their farm become a thriving, successful business. The Berry Patch is not certified

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