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Organic Certification During the COVID 19 Pandemic

  By Chris Grigsby, Director, MOFGA Certification Services LLC The unprecedented nature of the COVID-19 global pandemic has caused tremendous disruption to so many aspects of our daily lives, including our food system. MOFGA Certification Services (MCS) has also had to shift the organic certification process due to the regulatory requirements. The USDA National Organic

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USDA NOP New Rule Strengthening Organic Enforcement

  By Chris Grigsby On August 5, 2020, the USDA National Organic Program (NOP) published a long awaited proposed rule titled Strengthening Organic Enforcement. This proposed rule is the single largest update to the standards since their inception in 2002 and was mandated by language in the 2018 Farm Bill. Congress was concerned about recent

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Organic Agriculture

By Larry Lack I’m an organic farm inspector currently living in a city (Portland, Oregon) where I also help to manage a thriving farmers’ market. I’ve lived in the country most of my adult life, have been a farm worker and have also farmed commercially on a small scale. Because I have one foot in

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Organic Fish

Organic Fish? by Eric Sideman, Ph.D.Copyright 2006 The word organic has become a household word during the 20 years I have worked for MOFGA. When I first took this job, I had to explain to friends and family what organic meant. Now they make a point of showing me the organic items in their refrigerators.

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Sludge By Any Name Will Never Be “Organic”

By Sue Smith-Heavenrich For those of us who would compost everything but the kitchen sink, the idea of returning the nutrients from human waste back to the soil is appealing. Indeed, for many hundreds of years farmers have done just that, recycling “night soil” back to the earth. Now the EPA and producers of sewage

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