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Why Support Organic Dairy

Brooke Chase of Chase’s Organic Dairy Farm in Mapleton, Maine – one of dozens of MOFGA-certified organic dairy farms. English photo By Jacki Martinez Perkins Some would say that owning a commercial organic dairy today is a losing proposition. For others it’s the only life they’ve known, and they would never think of changing. Dairy

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King Cotton and Wal Mart

The High-Stakes Quest to Define Sustainability by Alex Owre Last year Wal-Mart CEO Lee Scott invited media frenzy by announcing his plan to move the company in a more environmentally friendly direction. Was this “greenwash,” a crafty bid to deflect attention from Wal-Mart’s labor and other problems – or was it a glimpse of true,

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National Animal ID Addressed at Common Ground

by Alice Percy Recent articles in several publications devoted to small-scale farming and homesteading have strongly criticized the USDA’s proposed National Animal Identification System.  Consequently many people have contacted MOFGA over the past year asking what effects the system might have on their operations and how they should respond to any attempts by the Maine

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