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Why Would We Bother to Trim Hooves?

By Jacki Martinez Perkins, MOFGA’s Organic Dairy and Livestock Specialist The knowledge base for all farming endeavors needs to be extensive, but one major difference we see between livestock production and crop production is the year-round care and maintenance of a key source of revenue: the livestock themselves. Good quality feed and water keep them

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Musings on Dairy Goats for Milk and Agritourism

By Jacki Martinez Perkins Spring and summer keep the world awash in new life and possibility. One of the cuter examples of this comes in the form of goat kids. These precocious little jumping beans often elicit laughter and curses in equal measure. While their dams are often more pacific in nature, they still require

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Considerations for Building a Homestead

By Jacki M. Perkins The face of production farming has changed drastically in the last 100 years. We have moved away from growing our own food and have relied on others to provide for us. There has, however, been a growing interest, driven by global circumstances, in re-learning the art of the homestead. The majority

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Pasture-Based Livestock Profitability

By Holli Cederholm In Bowdoinham, Maine, farmers Abby Sadauckas and Jake Galle of Apple Creek Farm raise a diverse mix of grass-based, certified organic livestock for eggs and meat, as well as value-added bone broths and pate, sold year-round at local farmers’ markets and a handful of retail outlets. Aspects of holistic management have informed

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Maine AgrAbility Addresses Cheese Making at Appleton Creamery

Nearly every cheesemaking task requires strong hands and shoulders. The work surface height is important for musculoskeletal health. Alternate standing with sitting on a stool to reduce leg fatigue and lower back stress. The important thing is to be able to work without stooping. Larger handles protect finger joints and cartilage from stress. A fireman’s

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Organic Sheep and Goat

A well-made lane guides sheep to pasture at Susan Littlefield’s Yknot Farm in Belmont, Maine, which is transitioning to organic. Photo by Diane Schivera. By Diane Schivera, M.A.T. Raising sheep and goats organically can be a challenge, so many farmers who support organic principles have not transitioned their animals to certified organic. Presently MOFGA Certification

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Stuart Grande (left), a University of Maine Sustainable Agriculture Program graduate, and George van Vlaanderen in the cheese room at Doe’s Leap Farm in Vermont. Kristan Doolan photo. By Tim King Kristan Doolan and George van Vlaanderen, owners of Doe’s Leap organic goat dairy in East Fairfield, Vermont, are trying an experiment. Actually, their whole

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Tips Tidbits

Homemade lettuce seed mix. English photo. Custom Lettuce Seed Mix Managing Blight on Tomatoes Seeking Rare Ladybugs Controlling Fruit Flies in the Home The Recycled Garden Goats and Cattle Graze Together Mechanical Methods Reduce Weed Seedbank Rolling and Crimping Cover Crops Festulolium Rotation? Make Your Own Custom Lettuce Seed Mix If you have several packets

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Wellscroft Farm

Left to right: Colin, Julie and David at their booth near the sheepdog demos at the Common Ground Country Fair. John Williams photo Sheep and goats keep the land open at Wellscroft Farm in Harrisville, N.H., affording a view of Mount Monadnock, thanks to modern fencing systems and sheepdogs. English photo Sheepdogs help the Wellscroft

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