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Labeling Livestock Products

A well designed label that meets labeling regulations. By Diane Schivera, M.A.T. Labeling of meat and poultry products, including eggs, does not have to be difficult if you follow the directions and the process carefully. Always start with a mock-up of your label for the submittal process. Don’t have it printed until it has been approved. Approval can

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Schravesande Gardei Editorial

Toki Oshima drawing By Jaco Schravesande-Gardei MOFGA Certification Services LLC Organic, natural, sustainable, local, responsibly grown … When shopping at farmers’ markets or grocery stores, consumers face a barrage of enticing labels. What do they mean … if anything? Only the term “organic” has specific, legal, federal standards that farmers must follow and relates to

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FAQ on Kitchen Licensing

By Cheryl Wixson We operate a diversified organic farm with a surplus of goat milk, honey, fruits and vegetables that we would like to process and sell at farmers’ markets and our farm stand. What type of license is required? Everyone who sells a food product in Maine needs a state food license, issued by

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Too Much Organic Matter

Compost is great stuff. The material shown here is recycled into a vibrant soil that feeds the beautiful perennial flowers and herbs on MOFGA’s grounds. Too much compost or other organic matter, however, can increase the phosphorus concentration in soils to the point where the element may become a pollutant. So have your soil tested

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Tips Fall 2003

Organic for Kids – Seven Tips for Buying Organic Foods 1. When starting out, focus on organic alternatives to the foods your family eats most. 2. Try to add one new organic item to your cart each week. 3. Learn to read the USDA organic labels: 100% organic – may carry the USDA Organic seal

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