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Building a Homemade Worm Composting System

by Adam Tomash, copyright MOFGA, 2007 This article describes a system for processing waste vegetable matter with red wiggler worms (Eisenia fetida). It begins with construction directions for two worm bins and their base and ends with a list of materials and tools needed. This worm composting system has the following advantages: It is made

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Farmer Reduces Food Waste in Maine

Dean and Deborah Richmond of Pleasant River Farms collect food waste from nearby Sunday River and Mt. Abram ski resorts and compost it along with their farm manure. Photo by Rachael Guay By Heather Omand MOFGA Organic Marketing and Business Coordinator The tourism industry brings billions of dollars into Maine, but that is not the

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Ron and Melissa Harwood

Ron and Melissa Harwood and Luke. Photo by Michele McCarthy By Ellen S. Gibson Maine AgrAbility staff attends various events throughout the year to further its mission to help farmers, members of farm families and farm workers overcome pain, injury or disability so that they can continue to work safely and productively. In late September

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Many Hands Farm

Nyla Bravesnow of Many Hands Farm in Thorndike picks rose hips. Many Hands focuses on homesteading and permaculture on 2 cultivated acres. Photo by Sue Smith-Heavenrich. By Sue Smith-Heavenrich If you visit Many Hands Farm in Thorndike, the first thing you notice is the abundance of flowers: sunflowers, coneflowers, beebalm and calendula. Lots of calendula.

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