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Pest Report – July 3, 2020

We’ve finally had relief from the prolonged dry weather, though extended periods of rain bring their own potential problems as prolonged leaf wetness is often a key factor in plant diseases taking hold. I haven’t had any questions about early blight yet, but I anticipate that people will be noticing it soon, if they haven’t

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Pest Report – August 14, 2014

Yesterday’s rain may bring in, as well as promote, some more late season disease. I want to stress again that knowing what your pest problem is will help avoid it next year as well as perhaps get a handle on it this year. Sometimes it is easy to tell, sometimes I can help by just

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Pest Report – August 29, 2013

Pest Report – August 29, 2013 Compiled by Eric Sideman, PhD, MOFGA’s Organic Crop Specialist We have moved past the problems associated with the very wet summer that many of us experienced. In fact, many growers are now complaining about the lack of rain. Now the typical late summer problems are popping up, and some

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