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Harvest Kitchen A Celebration of the Harvest

By Roberta Bailey Copyright 2006 As the first frost came, I must admit that I breathed a sigh of relief. This has been the most trying gardening season of my life, and now I can begin to put it behind me, but not without an eye toward the sky. You may recall that the garden

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Side Dishes for Baked Beans

Common Ground’s Bean Hole Beans – Continuing a Tradition Click here to read our story about cooking “Bean Hole Beans” at the Common Ground Country Fair by Roberta Bailey When I first farmed in Maine, I would set up a little table in the garage by the road and sell produce.  Each week on Fridays,

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Raspberry Recipes

Raspberry Recipes by Roberta Bailey Copyright 2006 I love berries…all kinds of berries. When I was a child, I knew every berry patch or vine or tree and when they would ripen. My summer was a grazing progression from one fruit or berry to the next, starting with wild strawberries, red and black raspberries, blueberries,

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Common Grounds Bean Hole Beans

Elliot Scott starts the fire on Friday for beans on Saturday. English photo. According to the Maine Folklife Center, Native Americans originated bean hole beans by baking beans with bear grease and maple syrup in clay pots covered with deerskins and buried in coals in the ground.  The slow, long cooking makes the bean very

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Sacred Grain

Toki Oshima drawing By Grace Oedel Bread occupies a unique and highly sanctified place in many religious traditions. In Judaism, the ritual laws surrounding bread stand apart from all other culinary rituals. A meal is defined by whether or not you consumed bread. If you did, you are mandated to carry out a full set

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Fire Fly Farm

Billi Baker serves hot, ready-to-eat crepes at the Belfast and Orono Farmers’ Markets. The fillings change each week, inspired by the season. Holli Cederholm photo. By Holli Cederholm Personal chef, artisan baker and farm-to-fork caterer Billi Barker celebrates her love of farming through her food. The Enchanted Kitchen, the business name for Barker’s many culinary

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