Maine Supports Right to Food Amendment

MOFGA expressed great enthusiasm for passage of Question 3, which amends Maine’s constitution to ensure that citizens have the right to grow, raise, harvest and produce food, as long as they don’t commit trespassing, theft, poaching, or abuses to private land, public land, or natural resources. This is the first-in-the-nation right to food amendment enshrined in a state constitution.

The vote on this referendum shows that Maine recognizes food as a basic human need and that all future policy decisions about our food supply should build on this value statement.

MOFGA sees this constitutional amendment as an essential cornerstone in the foundation of a healthy and fair food system for all — one that generates the vast majority of Maine’s food supply with locally, organically grown produce.

Maine is almost entirely reliant on food from away — currently importing more than 90% of its food supply — though we have the natural resources including landbase, soils, water, flora, fauna, climate and knowledge to be self-sufficient and enjoy a healthy, diverse, balanced and delicious diet.

For 50 years, MOFGA has helped Mainers grow, raise, harvest and produce foods. We are excited about broadening our efforts, sharing our knowledge with more citizens across the state. We are similarly excited about working with public officials at state and municipal levels to implement policy initiatives that will complement the newly enshrined Right to Food and shift control of the food supply from massive conglomerates toward individuals and smaller, locally owned farms.

Watch our webinar to learn more about the issues surrounding the right to food.

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