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FDA Falls Short in Regulating PFAS in Food

The chemicals known as per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) continue to emerge as contaminants in agriculture. Maine farms, conventional and organic, are increasingly testing water, soil and crops to determine if PFAS contamination exists.

Meaningful change will require swift federal action.

Large corporations have created this problem across the United States and the rest of us are now faced with widespread contamination. Weak federal oversight has allowed these chemicals to go largely unchecked and unregulated. At this time there are no current federal thresholds for PFAS contamination in food crops.

Action is urgently needed at the federal level to better understand the scope of contamination across the country, establish safety standards, and immediately restrict the production and disposal of these forever chemicals. Send a letter to Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner Janet Woodcock demanding action. 

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