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Tackling Toxics

Toki Oshima illustration. Tackling Toxics: Go Beyond the Personal By Alice Torbert When my parents were young hippies, their rallying cry was: “The Personal is the Political!” This concept has become innate to progressive thinking: Almost any environmental pamphlet ends with a bulleted list titled “What You Can Do at Home.” However, the individualist approach

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Sludge Policy

Toki Oshima drawings After several months of investigation and discussion at the request of many members, MOFGA’s Public Policy Committee has developed a revised policy on sludge, which was approved by the Board of Directors on October 19, 2003. MOFGA’s previous policy, incorporated in its certification standards, banned the use of sludge on certified crop

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Sludge By Any Name Will Never Be “Organic”

By Sue Smith-Heavenrich For those of us who would compost everything but the kitchen sink, the idea of returning the nutrients from human waste back to the soil is appealing. Indeed, for many hundreds of years farmers have done just that, recycling “night soil” back to the earth. Now the EPA and producers of sewage

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TAC Conference

On November 16, Colby College hosted the Toxics Action Center’s (TAC) 2002 conference, the 25th conference the organization has offered in New England in the past 15 years. Over 70 people, including private citizens, representatives of local, state and national environmental action groups, and students from the college’s Environmental Studies program, were present for the

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