Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association

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MOFGA’s hard work, going back to the earliest days of the organization in 1971, helped build the base for today’s vibrant, local and organic foods movement. Now we engage in almost every aspect of this work and conversation. We rely on the support of thousands of members, donors and volunteers throughout the year. There are countless opportunities for community engagement. Please considering becoming a member, donating to our operating fund, and volunteering for one of our many programs.

As an educational organization, MOFGA considers the Common Ground Education Center in Unity and Thorndike the hub of our education and outreach efforts. We continue to make significant investments in our home each year. For many people, the Common Ground Country Fair is what MOFGA does. Almost 60,000 people take part in the Fair, both to celebrate and to learn from others. And many more people attend dozens of MOFGA’s educational workshops, conferences, committee meetings, and social events around the state, throughout the year.

One of our primary goals at MOFGA is to help train the next generation of Maine farmers. We manage one of the country’s most successful new farmer training programs inspiring hundreds of new organic farmers through our Journeyperson Program, and facilitating farm apprenticeship experiences to thousands of people since the 1970s.

Our educational outreach is available to everyone interested in organic production – everyone from the backyard gardener to the large-scale dairy farmer. Our staff is here to serve producers with technical farming and gardening advice, organic transition guidance, and marketing support. This combination of scientific, cultural and economic support generates exciting, new opportunities for organic growers.

Through other communications channels we keep our supporters informed about our program developments and offerings. Our quarterly newspaper, The Maine Organic Farmer & Gardener, profiles farms and gardens, presents “how-to” articles, reports policy developments in Maine and beyond, covers event presentations, provides delicious, healthful, seasonal recipes, and reviews fascinating books on organic farming. This website – - provides details about all of MOFGA’s programs, while another wing of our internet presence – - allows all members of the MOFGA community to establish website profiles, find Maine organic foods, goods and services, and search our knowledge base “MOFGApedia,” which digitally catalogs articles from our newspaper archives. Create your profile today!

Our organic certification program continues to grow, certifying about 7% of Maine’s farms. We hope this percentage jumps to 10% in the next few years. We also hope to increase access to local, organic foods for all Maine families, regardless of income and geography.

We are fortunate because earned-income represents a relatively high percentage – almost half – of our budget. Less than 15% of our funding comes from individual donors though we are ready to put all contributions to great use.

MOFGA is a leader in helping Maine make a long-term commitment to ecological solutions for the health of our farms, fisheries, forests and families. We are helping to rebuild Maine’s agricultural infrastructure and economy to supply the New England foodshed with fresh, organic produce.

"I moved to Maine because of MOFGA,” says Kate Harris, shown here with Kevin Leavitt of Farmer Kev's Organic, a MOFGA-certified organic farm in West Gardiner.