Foodtopia: Margot Anne Kelley in Conversation with Joel Alex

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Ever wonder if there’s a better way to live, work, and eat? You’re not alone.

“Foodtopia” is the story of five back-to-the-land movements, from 1840 to present day, when large numbers of utopian-minded people in the United States took action to establish small-scale farming as an alternative to mainstream agriculture. Then and now, it’s the story of people striving to live freely and fight injustice, to make the food on their table a little healthier, and to leave the planet less scarred than they found it.

Join us for a conversation with author Margot Anne Kelley and Joel Alex of Blue Ox Malthouse at the Maine Organic Marketplace. This event is free and open to the public. Books are available for purchase at the event.


Margot Anne Kelley has a PhD in American Literature and an MFA in Media and Performing Arts; for nearly 25 years, she taught at the college level. She is the author of two books for general audiences focused on people in relationship to the natural world, Local Treasures: Geocaching Across America and A Field Guide to Other People’s Trees. Since leaving academia, she served as the editor of The Maine Review and co-founded a community development corporation which runs a food pantry and community garden, among other programs. Ms. Kelley lives in Port Clyde, Maine.

Joel Alex is the founder of Blue Ox Malthouse, a MOFGA-certified organic malthouse in Lisbon Falls, Maine. Blue Ox produces high quality, locally and transparently sourced malted grains. They are committed to growing the connection between brewers and farmers, while striving to grow communities and serve as a model for sustainable and environmental practices.


The cover of the book Foodtopia - an illustration of two farmers smiling, one holding a farming tool and the other holding a basket of produce.
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