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MOFGA Events

MOFGA Events

Throughout the year, MOFGA hosts hundreds of meetings, workshops, conferences, dinners and festive gatherings. Many take place at our Common Ground Education Center in Unity, Maine. And many more happen at farms, businesses and other venues throughout the state. For events offered by other organizations, see our Calendar page. Interested in giving a workshop for MOFGA? Please complete this form. If you are interested in receiving a scholarship for a MOFGA event click here.

MOFGA Party in Portland!

Celebrate the opening of our new office in Portland

May 30, 2019 – Thursday, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at the Think Tank in Portland, Maine (533 Congress St. 04101). Join MOFGA in celebrating a stronger presence in Southern Maine. Meet and mingle with MOFGA community members and enjoy some beverages and light fare from Portland area businesses. Please RSVP here.


Home Firewood Production Basics

From the Woodlot to the Woodshed

June 8, 2019 – Saturday, 8 a.m. to 12 p.m., Hidden Valley Nature Center, Jefferson, Maine. $75; $60 for members of MOFGA or the Midcoast Conservancy. Do you have a woodlot? Are you interested in harvesting your own firewood? Join us for this new workshop on home firewood production! This workshop will cover the basics of home firewood production from the selection of wood species, the cutting a number of different diameters of wood, hand and mechanical splitting, as well as storage/drying options for the homeowner. With questions, please contact Anna at Registration



Soil Health and Intensified Vegetable Growing

MOFGA Farm Training Project Workshop

June 12, 2019 – Wednesday, 5 p.m. at Frith Farm, 61 Ash Swamp Rd., Scarborough. Daniel Mays, farmer at Frith Farm, produces diversified vegetables on 14 acres in a no-till system. Come discuss soil health management strategies including cover cropping, tarping, and permanent bed systems. How to produce a bounty of organic produce in compact spaces will also be explored. Potluck to follow.


Rabbit Processing

June 13, 2019 – Thursday, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., MOFGA's Common Ground Education Center, Unity. $75; $60 for MOFGA members. Rabbits are a great source of protein for your homestead. Rabbits are small, easy to handle, and require the minimum to process. Come learn the basics of rabbit processing and acquire the skills to harvest your own. Registration



Labor Management

June 18, 2019 – Tuesday, Six River Farm, 496 Browns Point Rd, Bowdoinham. 5:30 pm tour; 6 pm discussion.  Six River Farm is an organic vegetable farm in Bowdoinham which relies on a crew of twenty employees to grow, pack, and market a wide range of vegetable crops. Co-owner Nate Drummond will discuss all facets of labor management on the farm, from hiring and organizing the farm crew to training and managing tasks on the farm. For more information contact Anna at


Farm & Homestead Day at MOFGA

June 22, 2019 – Saturday, 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., MOFGA's Common Ground Education Center, Unity.  Free • Open to the public • No pre-registration required. Come and learn all you need to know and more about living in rural Maine. Free! Over 40 unique, participatory workshops. Includes a plant swap, a potluck picnic lunch, and a stone soup made with your contributions. Information



Farming and Marketing Cooperatively

MOFGA Farm Training Project Workshop

July 3, 2019 – Wednesday, 5 p.m. at New Roots Cooperative Farm, 954 College Rd., Lewiston. Come see  New Roots Cooperative Farm, a New American-owned cooperative in practice and learn about worker co-op farms, farmland co-ops, marketing co-ops, labor co-ops and equipment sharing co-ops. You'll learn about cooperative economic structure, democratic decision-making, and distribution of the surplus farmers collectively generate. Potluck to follow.


Direct Marketing

July 9, 2019 – Tuesday, Frinklepod Farm, 244 Log Cabin Rd, Arundel. 5:30 p.m. tour; 6 p.m. discussion. Direct-to-consumer marketing and education: How can farmers market their product in this day and age in a way that tells their authentic story, creates engaging experiences for their customers, and still allows them to have a personal life and run a farm business? That is question at the crux of this Farmer to Farmer in the Field event. FMI:


Flower Farming

MOFGA Farm Training Project Workshop

July 10, 2019 – Wednesday, 5 p.m. at East of Eden Flower Farm, Bowdoinham. Come spend an evening with East of Eden Flower Farm in Bowdoinham. Learn a few of the basics of diverse flower production. We’ll provide a brief overview of growing, harvesting and arranging cut flowers. Potluck to follow.


Medicinal Herbs and Biodynamic Farming

MOFGA Farm Training Project Workshop

July 31, 2019 – Wednesday, 5 p.m. at Avena Botanicals, Rockport. Join herbalist and biodynamic herb gardener Deb Soule for an informative walk through of Avena Botanicals medicinal herb gardens. Deb and a crew of gardeners collect over 1800 pounds of medicinal herbs by hand each year from 2-1/2 acres. These herbs are then immediately processed on-site into a variety of tinctures, teas, oils and salves. Avena is the first Demeter-certified biodynamic farm in Maine and Deb will include an introduction to biodynamics as part of this tour. Potluck to follow.


On-Farm Processing Livestock

MOFGA Farm Training Project Workshop

August 7, 2019 – Wednesday, 5 p.m. at Tessier's Farm, Skowhegan. Come learn about Tessier’s Farm on-farm processing facility for poultry and rabbit, including how to prepare for an on-farm small animal slaughter. In addition, we will tour Tessier’s diverse array of farm products.


2019 Maine Apple Camp

August 16-18, 2019 – 12 noon Friday to 1 p.m. Sunday at Camp NEOFA, Liberty, Maine. Fee: $225; MOFGA members $200. Saturday only: $100. Apple Lovers! Orchardists! Cider Makers! Fruit Explorers! Join fellow apple enthusiasts for Maine Apple Camp. Registration includes room & board, all camp sessions. All ages welcome – most talks geared towards ages 16+. More details will be announced soon. Registration will open June 15, 2019.


Value Added Diverse Dairy

MOFGA Farm Training Project Workshop

August 21, 2019 – Wednesday, 5 p.m. at Toddy Pond Farm, Monroe. In recent decades, many small dairy farms have had to “get big or get out” as the rising cost of operating a small scale, pasture-based dairy has grown beyond economic sustainability. In order to become profitable, many producers have gotten creative - by diversification, value-added production and innovative marketing strategies. Toddy Pond Farm is a small, diversified, family-run dairy operation of grass-fed Jersey and Guernsey cows in Monroe. See how farmers Greg and Heide Purinton-Brown have designed the business model of the farm to ensure long-term economic sustainability. They produce yogurt, kefir, cheese and ice cream, along with honey, fermented vegetables, sausages, sheep, Gloucestershire Old Spots, meat chickens and eggs. They recently added a new cheese cave to make cave aged cheese and salami. Learn about their marketing strategies for this diversified operation and how the different aspects of the farm complement each other. Potluck to follow.


Land Tenure

MOFGA Farm Training Project Workshop

August 28, 2019 – Wednesday, 5 p.m. at Dickey Hill Farm, Monroe. Finding a place to farm can be a huge challenge. Whether you’re working as a farm hand, manager or apprentice it is never too soon to consider your options. Join Noami and James of Dickey Hill Farm and Abby Sadauckas, Field Agent for Land For Good to get a better idea of how to start thinking about your future farm, the land base you’ll need and the variety of ways to achieve your farm dream.


Next Steps: Apprentice to Journeyperson

MOFGA Farm Training Project Workshop

September 4, 2019 – Wednesday, 5 p.m. at Apple Creek Farm, Bowdoinham. MOFGA estimates that Maine needs about 150 new farmers each year just to maintain the infrastructure required to support our local food system – so every new farm operation in Maine is a reason to celebrate! But getting started in farming is becoming increasingly difficult in many ways. Join Abby and Jake of Apple Creek Farm as they share their insights and enthusiasm about how they market their livestock products year-round and utilize a mix of owned and leased acreage to support their growing farm business. Abby is the Maine Field Agent for Land for Good and will introduce several key agricultural service providers to explain how their programs can help. If you’re considering farming for a living, please come and contribute to this important conversation. Potluck to follow.


Seed Saving and Production on a Diversified Farm

MOFGA Farm Training Project Workshop

September 12, 2019 – Thursday, 5 p.m. at Seven Tree Farm, Vassalboro. Roberta Bailey of Fedco Seeds operates Seven Tree Farm, 18 acres with six field plots, high tunnel, orchard, grape arbor, and extensive fruit and berry plantings. The farm also includes many post and beam buildings and a root cellar. Roberta focuses on growing much of the food for herself and her partner, Rob Lemire, and on raising commercial seed crops on a small-farm scale. Seed crops can work well with field production gardens, further diversifying farm income and securing seed supply in some situations. The talk will focus on interplanting seed crops in gardens or field plots, using the byproducts of the crop for food production or value-added products to sell, and on basic seed saving and plant genetics, crop nutrition, rotations, isolations, and how to harvest and dry seed. The talk will cover biennials such as beets and carrots as well. Potluck to follow.


Common Ground Country Fair

September 20-22, 2019 – Friday, Saturday, Sunday, MOFGA’s Common Ground Education Center, Unity, Maine. 

MOFGA's premier event celebrating rural living. Three full days of educational talks and demonstrations, entertainment, delicious Maine-grown organic food and products from local artisans.

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Great Maine Apple Day

October 13, 2019 – Sunday, 12 noon to 4:00 p.m., Common Ground Education Center, 294 Crosby Brook Road, Unity, Maine. Rain or shineCelebrate the history, flavor and tradition of Maine apples, while honoring the importance of a diversified, perennial agriculture.


Low Impact Forestry Workshops

November 14-17, 2019 – Four days of workshops, Thursday - Sunday, MOFGA's Common Ground Education Center, Unity, Maine. A series of workshops designed for stewards of small or large woodlots to develop skills to cut and harvest wood products safely and ecologically. Learn and practice sustainable woodlot management and logging with animals or low-impact machinery. To read full descriptions of all workshops click here.

Introduction to Low Impact Forestry – Registration opens on June 15, 2019

Logging with Draft Animals

Logging with Hand Tools & Small Machinery



Kitchen Licensing Workshop

December 5, 2019 – Thursday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., MOFGA's Common Ground Education Center, Unity, Maine. Fee: $50; $35 for MOFGA members. Designed for farmers and others interested in home-food processing for resale. Registration will open June 15, 2019.