The following is a list of events taking place around the country – and the world!

Most of the events are organized or co-sponsored by MOFGA but other events are listed as well.
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Dairy Farm Labor Models

MOFGA's Education Center 294 Crosby Brook Rd, Unity, ME, United States

Relying on unpaid or family labor on dairy farms is not a sustainable option in our rapidly changing job market. In the second installment of our three part dairy labor management series, we will hear from the farmers about what has worked on their farms and what they have done differently. The farmers will do their […]


Small “Backyard” Farm Workshop

China Town Office

The Kennebec Soil and Water Conservation District Office will be hosting a small farm workshop for small farms interested in improving the water quality of China Lake. This workshop is geared towards small scale, “backyard” farms in the China Lake region who are interested in improving the health and sustainability of their natural resources. The talk […]


Beekeeping Through the Seasons


Join Master Beekeeper Karen Thurlow for our first-ever foray into beekeeping through the seasons. From getting hives going in March to feeding and putting them to rest in November: this series will trace the shifting activities, challenges, and hive dynamics that beekeepers engage with through the active portion of the year. This is a perfect chance […]

$100 – $275

Holistic Apple Pest Management Webinar


*Free for Journeyperson program participants and BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) community members. Taught by Mike Biltonen, this webinar is an introduction to the art and science of Holistic Integrated Pest Management (IPM) from a biodynamic perspective. We will discuss the basics of IPM in principle and practice, including the use of historical data, observations, […]

$10 – $35

Artificial Insemination

78 Blackstone Rd 78 Blackstone Rd., Perham, Maine

Being able to diversify the genetics of your herd can be an important asset when working with cattle. However, the lack of contract artificial insemination technicians in Maine means that qualified breeders are often geographically out of reach for most people. Learning to perform artificial insemination can be a step in maintaining your farm’s biosecurity, […]


Invasive Species: Social and Environmental Dimensions


Many conservationists, farmers, and backyard gardeners find themselves tasked with managing invasive, or introduced, species that outcompete native ones. Limiting the spread of such species, and revitalizing native plant populations, has been identified as a key solution for combatting biodiversity loss. Less widely known are the social aspects of how we manage and discuss invasive […]

Free – $25
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