Tim Nason

Photo of Tim Nason at the 1975 Trades Show surrounded by The MOF&G. Eliot Coleman is seated in the background. Courtesy of Nason.

Here’s a memory from Tim Nason, who retired in December 2020 after working with MOFGA for 47 years(!). Tim designed, among other things, The Maine Organic Farmer & Gardener – which he named after the first agricultural newspaper in the U.S. “Called The Maine Farmer, it was edited and produced by Ezekiel Holmes, who was also very influential in establishing the land-grant college system in Maine. Holmes worked on The Maine Farmer for a great many years. It impressed me very much that an individual such as Holmes could have the foresight and persistence to work toward social, economic and educational change through the publication of a newspaper for farmers and make it his life’s career. Naming The MOF&G after The Maine Farmer was my tip of the hat to the work of Ezekiel Holmes. Never, even in my craziest dreams, did I imagine that The MOF&G would become my own life’s work.”

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