Ken Horn

Harvesting at Ken-Ro Farm
Photo of Ken-Ro Farm in 1976. USDA photo, courtesy of Ken and Roberta Horn

“What an amazing 50 years it has been. Who would have thought that the many small gatherings of folks around the state seeking information on organic production would have evolved into the powerhouse that is today’s MOFGA. The organization has grown and prospered and increased in influence, not through the efforts of any one person, but through the selfless commitment of time, talent and treasure of myriad people. Therein lies the story of MOFGA. Diversity with a common goal. A stroll around the grounds of the Common Ground Fair emphasizes just how far reaching the influence of the organization has become while running true to its basic concepts. While MOFGA promotes the very basics of organic production as being a healthy soil with all the nutrients that a healthy plant could need, the organization also promotes what it takes to make a healthy citizenry. The reach of the organization into so many aspects of every day life is astounding when you consider its core started out as farmers and gardeners. Promoting organic production gives us the food that can sustain us in a cleaner, safer environment. Promoting social responsibility and equality is the food which can grow a better world for us all. Roberta and I are grateful that we had the opportunity to a part of the beginnings of this great organization. We are also proud that our farm, Ken-Ro Farm, was the first certified organic farm. Long live MOFGA!!”

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