Andrew Birdsall

Mollie and Paul Birdsall in the very early days of Horsepower Farm. Photo courtesy of Andrew Birdsall

Here’s a memory from Andrew Birdsall of Horsepower Farm in Penobscot, Maine:

“My grandparents, Paul and Mollie Birdsall, would have been so happy to see MOFGA’s 50th anniversary, and so proud that my family and I are carrying on their work and vision today on Horsepower Farm in Penobscot. Taking a team of horses to the Common Ground Fair in the fall has been my favorite MOFGA experience. That opportunity to connect with other teamsters and farmers and, of course, spend time with my grandfather was invaluable. MOFGA and my memories of Paul and Mollie are permanently intertwined. Here’s to the next 50 years of MOFGA, and making more memories!”

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