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Listed below are recent editions of MOFGA's farming and gardening fact sheets.

We post revised and new editions as they become available.

For information & fact sheets on more organic farming topics, visit ATTRA, Cooperative Extension or peruse our links page.

Please contact a member of our Agricultural Services team for more information. For information about crops and pests, contact Eric Sideman. For information about livestock and fields, contact Diane Schivera.

Crop Topics

Technical Bulletin 1: Basics of Organic Vegetable Gardening (Download PDF 1MB)

Fact Sheet 1: An Organic Farmers' Guide to the Interpretation of a Standard Soil Test from the University of Maine (Download PDF 272K)

Fact Sheet 2: Organic Strawberry Production (Download PDF 324k)

Fact Sheet 3: Introduction to the Physical Nature of Soils (Download PDF 128K)

Fact Sheet 5: Composting in the Back Yard or on a Small Farm (Download PDF 120K)

Fact Sheet 6: Controlling Garden Weeds (Download PDF 88K)

Fact Sheet 7: Establishing and Caring for an Organic Lawn (Download PDF 368K)

Fact Sheet 8: Providing Nitrogen to Crops (Download PDF 200K)

Fact Sheet 9: Soil-less Mixes for Vegetable Seedling Production (Download PDF 80K)

Fact Sheet 10: Using Green Manures (Download PDF 128K)

Fact Sheet 11: Natural Sources of Plant Nutrients (Download PDF 112K)

Producing Potatoes Organically in Maine (University of Maine Cooperative Extension)

Fact Sheet 15: Storing Garden Vegetables (Download PDF 112K)

Fact Sheet 20: Zone Tillage – A Reduced Tillage Option for Northern Farms (PDF 185K)

Fact Sheet 21: Ridge Tillage at Hackmatack Farm (PDF 1.5MB)



Fact Sheet 7: Establishing and Caring for an Organic Lawn (Download PDF 368K)


Livestock Topics

Fact Sheet 12: Eggs: Cleaning, Grading & Hatching (Download PDF 78K)

Fact Sheet 13: Feeding Whole Grains to Chickens (Download PDF 116K)

Fact Sheet 14: Organic Chicken Basics (Download PDF 112K

Fact Sheet 16: Raising Organic Pigs (Download PDF 132K)

Raising Organic Livestock in Maine: MOFGA Accepted Health Practices, Products and Ingredients (Download PDF 200K, 10 pages)


On-Farm Conservation

Accessing NRCS for Organic Farmers (Download PDF 147K)


Fact Sheet 21: Ridge Tillage at Hackmatack Farm

Raising Organic Livestock in Maine