Dr. Nate Petley “The Fair”

Dr. Nate Petley photo at the Fair
Dr. Nate Petley

Friday morning setup at the Common Ground Fair is my most favorite part of the entire weekend. The sun is rising high enough in the sky to dry the last of the dew. Farmers are spreading out their harvest while vendors are adjusting their wares. The smell of food is wafting through the crisp air. The cows are mooing in the barns. And, despite us all being busy as bees in a flower garden, we smile and greet those around us with such authentic excitement. The best sound of all is the gentle chatter from all around and the occasional cackling laugh. And here I sit in the middle of the hub just before the doors open to the general public. The very start to the best fair I know.

Dr. Nate Petley

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