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Full Moon

By Mitch Lansky Some plants, such as tomatoes, peppers, melons or squash, are frost sensitive. Well, I’m sensitive to frost, too. I live in a frost pocket in Wytopitlock, Maine. We have a growing season that averages fewer than 100 days a year, and we can have frosts at any month of the year. Indeed,

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Volunteer Profile Winter 05 06

Master framer Michael Beaudry advises the drilling of a peg hole that will lock a brace into the frame. John Phelan photos. Workshop participants raise a timber frame at MOFGA’s Unity, Maine, site on July 24, 2005. The completed frame. The new blacksmith shop with its green steel roof in use for Common Ground Country

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Contra Madness

by Alyssa Benjamin I must be stuck in a re-run of Little House on the Prairie. Swirling skirts, bearded men, organic women. I sat paralyzed in an itchy, 1970s tweed chair positioned in the corner of a small, rustic dance hall in rural Maine. Once again, this is what my ebullient Aunt Nancy had deemed

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Wolf Pine Farm

Amy Sprague, Tom Harms and their daughter, Delia, amidst a lush crop of broccoli at Wolf Pine Farm in Alfred, Maine. As a CSA farm with apprentices, Wolf Pine not only produces food but educates many people, as well. Christine Hull photo. by Christine Hull © 2005. For information about reproducing this article, please contact

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