Management Intensive Grazing for the Diversified Farm

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This event is hosted by Morning Glory Farm in Bethel, Maine.

Management Intensive Grazing (MIG), also known as ‘rational grazing’, is a form of grazing management that can improve pasture forage yields, improve feed quality, increase plant species diversity, improve livestock performance, build soil organic matter and soil nutrient levels, and increase the biological life in your soil. 

Class Content will include:

  • The how & why of MIG.
  • Pasture system design for you and your livestock.
  • Calculating livestock feed needs.
  • Planning for the whole growing season.
  • Multi-species grazing.
  • Plant identification.
  • Electric fencing (temporary and permanent) for your various livestock groups.
  • Organic certification. What do you need to do to certify your farm? It may be easier than you think.

Participants will come away with the information needed to build a grazing plan for their farm, along with handouts and resources to continue on their journey with confidence.

This event is $95 individually and $150 for 2 people.

To register contact Lisa McCrory (phone: 802-234-5524, email: [email protected], text: 802-353-5039) or Christine Trefethen of Morning Glory Farm ([email protected]).

Lisa McCrory is a grazing and whole farm planning consultant, organic inspector, and owns and operates Earthwise Farm & Forest in Bethel, VT. Her homestead farm is certified organic, incorporating biodynamic and regenerative practices, and producing and marketing (on a small scale) pastured poultry (eggs, meat birds, heritage turkeys), pastured pigs, beef, grass-fed milk, vegetables, herbs and flowers. Lisa also offers classes on her farm that include Management Intensive Grazing; Having a Family Cow; Butter, Yogurt & Cheese Making; and Dowsing for Spiritual Growth & Agricultural Pursuits. Visit to learn more.

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