Pest Reports 2014

Pest Report – August 14, 2014

Yesterday’s rain may bring in, as well as promote, some more late season disease. I want to stress again that knowing what your pest problem is will help avoid it next year as well as perhaps get a handle on it this year. Sometimes it is easy to tell, sometimes I can help by just

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Pest Report – July 18, 2014

The pest season is beginning to pick up. It is time to be scouting to see if you are one of the lucky growers. In this issue: Close-up of spotted wing drosophila on a tomato Spotted Wing Drosophila Black Leg in Potatoes Potato Leaf Hopper on Beans and Potatoes Powdery Mildew in Cucurbit Crops SPOTTED

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Pest Report – July 7, 2014

The growing season so far has been fairly uneventful in that there are no major outbreaks of diseases or pests. Still, I have seen some pests in large numbers and there are some problems looming on the horizon. In this issue: Imported cabbage worms and other caterpillars in Brassica crops and lettuce Late blight   Asiatic

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Pest Report – June 13, 2014

In this issue: Basil Downy Mildew Potato Leaf Hopper Tortoise Beetle Early Blight on Tomato Onion Thrips Basil downy mildew on the upper surface of a leaf … … and on the lower surface. BASIL DOWNY MILDEW I just got from a colleague in New York some pretty bad news that is reminiscent of the

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Pest Report – May 22, 2014

In this issue: Asparagus beetles Mexican bean beetle Flea beetles in brassicas Oedema Asparagus beetle eggs Asparagus beetle larvae Asparagus beetle larva Asparagus beetles Mexican Bean Beetle larva Mexican bean beetles ASPARAGUS BEETLE, COMMON AND SPOTTED Frost first One of the very first questions I received when I began working for MOFGA many, many years

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Pest Report – May 5, 2014

In this issue: Cabbage and onion maggots Mice eating pea seeds Cutworms Onion sunscald The row cover was about 10 feet too short and the cabbage maggot got the last few plants! CABBAGE AND ONION MAGGOT (Reprinted and modified from The Umass Veg Notes) Onion maggot (Delia antiqua) and cabbage maggot (Delia radicum) flies look

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Pest Report – April 23, 2014

In this issue: Seedcorn Maggots Seedling Problems in the Greenhouse Damping Off in the Field Winter Moth This is the first Pest Report of the spring of 2014. I will concentrate in this first pest report on problems that are common when a grower simply tries to push a crop too early. Basically the recommendation

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