MOFGA Journeypersons

MOFGA’s Journeyperson Program provides hands-on support, training, and mentorship for people who are serious about pursuing careers in organic farming in Maine. The program is designed for farmers in their first three to five years to further develop the skills they need to farm independently and successfully.

2024 First-Year Journeypersons

Meet our current first-year MOFGA Journeypersons
A farmer smiles holding a broadfork.

Crowded Hearth Farm

Lily Carlisle-Reske

A farmer holding bundles of kale

Crowfoot Farm

Emma Sanchi

Farmer smiling sitting on black plastic in the field.

Dancing Harvest Farm

Daniela Aldrich

A farmer touches a sheep in a pasture.

Golden Fleece

Becca Hansen

A farmer in a hat and glasses poses with a bouquet of daffodils and tulips.

Happytown Farm

Angelica Harwood

A farmer poses in front of a basket of rose petals.

Luna Moth Herbs

Zoë Mason

A farmer poses with Brussel sprouts

Moon Beam Farm

Reid Calhoun

A farmer smiling with a wagon with two children behind them.

Soulful Soils

Hannah Smalls

Two farmers posing with their two children in front of a forest.

Spring Tide Farmstead

Emma and Trent Quinby

Two farmers smiling

Tilth & Timber

Troy and Cindy Dickens

Two farmers pose with their two children in a green house.

Triple Chick Farm

Anna and Adam Perkins

Underground Beets logo

Underground Beets

Andrew Fuller and Tessa Fullmer

2024 Second-Year Journeypersons

Meet our current second-year MOFGA Journeypersons
Two farmers looking at the camera.

Bas Rouge Farm & Forge

Glenn Roberts and Ivonne Vazquez

Two people smiling holding up bottles of orange hot sauce.

Farthest Field Farm

Alyssa Adkins and Nathan Broaddus

A farmer kneels in front of the wooden frame of a building with a golden retriever.

Ferme Louis

Lex Godin

Two people smiling wearing winter gear.

Marpa Farm & Nursery

Clark Heijbroek

A farmer smiling above a pile of leeks.

New Spoke Farm

Janelle Plummer

Two farmers and a toddler stand, smiling, in front of a Christmas tree field.

Piper Mountain Christmas Tree Farm

Molly Livingston and Jesse Jimmerson

Power Family Farm

Power Family Farm

Justin Power

3 Level Farm Creamery

3 Level Farm Creamery

Solomon Heifets

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Crowded Hearth Farm is a small (but growing!) operation focused on cultivating a diverse array of organically grown produce and flowers, with a dream of soon having the land to support sheep and chickens. Their goal, beyond land stewardship and food production, is to provide a safe and accessible place for community gathering and education.

Crowfoot Farm is a certified organic, no-till farm operating on an eighth of an acre of leased land in Biddeford, Maine. They grow mixed vegetables, herbs and flowers that are available through their CSA and wholesale accounts. They aim to bolster local food accessibility and put nutrient-dense, organic produce on the tables of as many community members as possible.

Visit their website or Instagram.

Dancing Harvest Farm grows diversified vegetables and culinary herbs on 1 acre of leased land in South Portland, Maine. The farm’s mission is to grow food that nourishes people, respects the environment and contributes to a more equitable and compassionate food system. The farm also strives to cultivate community around its shared harvest and share the joys of seasonal eating with as many people as possible. Dancing Harvest uses reduced-tillage and organic growing practices in order to stay true to its values of ecological health and vitality, and to remain a trustworthy and transparent source of food for its community.

Visit their website or Instagram.

Golden Fleece is a sheep farm in its first year, spearheaded by lead shepherdess Becca Hansen. At Golden Fleece, Hansen raises multipurpose dairy sheep for their milk, meat and wool. The ewes are rotationally grazed through fields and forests, turning their diverse diet into rich, creamy milk that gets processed into luxurious sheep’s milk yogurt. In the winter months, woolens and sheepskins from the ewes and their lambs will be available, and Hansen is planning to add grass-fed lamb to her offerings next year. Above all, Golden Fleece is about the joy of doing well by animals — Hansen is thrilled to have this opportunity to share the incredible gifts that sheep have to offer.

Visit their Instagram.

Happytown Farm is a certified organic farm specializing in vegetables, flowers, and different meat products throughout the year. These next few years they will be transitioning into a new focus with less tillage and more permanent beds and hedgerows of native trees and bushes. They will continue their goal of providing fresh, organic and local products to their wonderful customers in Hancock County!

Visit their Instagram.

Luna Moth Herbs is a small woman-owned farm growing healing and culinary herbs on shared land in South China, Maine. Regenerative and low-till production, along with diversity and native plant cultivation are some of the practices implemented to care for this hillside and enrich the wider ecosystem. They value community care and healing empowerment and aim to connect people with locally grown plants. They offer fresh and dry herbs in bulk, tea blends, tinctures and alcohol-free extracts. They have a collective vision to keep this beautiful and sacred land in the China Lakes Region of Maine in farm production through collaboration, stewardship and conservation.

Visit their website or Instagram.

Moon Beam Farm (MBF) grows vegetables, herbs and flowers using low/no-till methods on leased land on Mt. Desert Island. They connect with customers through a CSA and two farmers’ markets. Beginning as a 40-vegetable market garden-style farm, MBF seeks to build relationships, purchase land, and transition to a 10-crop wholesale operation to increase profits and keep prices affordable. They believe honing in on their favorite cash crops will create more room to invest in sustainable practices, perennials and their community.

Visit their Instagram.

Organic Matter Farm is a diversified vegetable farm currently cultivating one-third of an acre. 2024 will be the farm’s first year starting a CSA, hoping to supply Appleton and surrounding towns with the highest quality produce and greens. So excited to be putting down roots and have this incredible opportunity.

Visit their Instagram.

Soulful Soils’ mission is to provide organically grown food while growing a new wholesome and communal approach to home-scale farming. They are a BIPOC woman-owned farm supporting people and families to be more self-sufficient and healthy, no matter their income, religion, politics or race. They are connecting with the community by sharing and gaining knowledge while putting Soul back into our Soil.

Visit their Instagram, website or Facebook.

Spring Tide Farmstead is a small-scale family farm focused on farrow-to-finish pigs and homegrown Katahdin sheep as well as ducks and chickens. They are grateful to be members of Blue Hill peninsula and the greater Maine community, and are dedicated to raising healthy, happy animals from birth to produce the best pork, lamb and eggs for their greater community. Through management practices, they are working on building silvopastures, which enhance the land and health of their animals.

Visit their website, Instagram or Facebook.

Tilth & Timber is a diversified market garden farm with a focus on producing the best food possible for their community. They utilize regenerative soil practices and are pesticide- and herbicide-free. They also raise pastured poultry with organic Maine-grown grains. They have a vegetable and egg CSA program and onsite farmstand.

Visit their website or Instagram.

Triple Chick Farm is a vegetable and flower farm in Town Hill, Maine, on Mount Desert Island. The farm is owned by the Falls/Rogers family with a succession plan to transfer ownership to farm managers Anna and Adam Perkins. Going into their third season at Triple Chick Farm and after over a decade as farmworkers on other farms, the Perkins are managing and adapting the farm to be resilient and diversified as a business and growing space. They do so alongside a small team and their two children.

Visit their website.

Andrew Fuller and Tessa Fullmer started their farm in Alna, Maine, in 2022. They provide a variety of vegetables seasonally and rabbit meat year-round through CSAs and farmers’ markets. They aspire to be part of a strong farming community who inspire customers to support local businesses.

Jenny Salim is a small-scale, cut flower farmer located in Bangor, Maine, offering organically grown fresh flowers to the community. Flowers are offered at local farmers’ markets, through an annual CSA program, and through local businesses. Jenny Salim is passionate about sustainable growing practices, dried flower arranging, reducing waste through composting, and local community.

Visit Weezy’s Farm and Flower’s website, Facebook or Instagram.

The Wild Child Flower Company is situated on Mount Desert Island, providing blooms to the retail and wholesale markets. Their goal is to bolster the wholesale flower market to provide quality cut stems for Maine-based florists and designers. They are focused on growing blooms through sustainable practices with limited environmental impacts. They are all about soil health and the soil microbiome, so that their plants are provided the greatest opportunity to thrive. 

Follow them on Instagram.

Bas Rouge Farm & Forge is a small acreage diversified farm located in Orono, Maine. Glenn Roberts (he/him/his) and Ivonne Vazquez (she/her/ella) are the husband-and-wife team and farm partners. The farm is named for their two Beauceron dogs (aka “Bas Rouge”). Glenn is a service-disabled United States Marine Corps veteran; Ivonne is Hispanic/Latina of Puerto Rican descent. Both partners have a passion for the land they steward and to living sustainably within this landscape. What began as a homestead over a decade ago has transitioned into a small farm with three enterprises: native plants nursery, culinary mushrooms and blacksmith forge. They are in their second year of farming.

Visit their website, or follow along on Instagram or Facebook. 

Farthest Field Farm is Freeport’s newest community farm. Focusing in their first years on value-added products, they grow the vegetables for their line of four flavorful hot sauces and will soon offer tomato sauces, salsas and other delectable pantry delights. Future years will see a winter CSA, seedling sales, a tree nursery, and celebration of community through farm events centered around dance and music.

Learn more about Farthest Field Farm on their website or Instagram.

Ferme Louis is a small diversified vegetable and berry farm practicing organic-adjacent and sustainable agriculture. They seek to close the gap between people and the things that they eat by providing wholesome, nutrient-dense food at a fair price.

Learn more about Ferme Louis on their website or Instagram.

Marpa Farm & Nursery is a human-scale, low-impact operation located on 20 acres of unceded Wabanaki land in Richmond, Maine. The main products they sell are native and edible perennials, shrubs and trees. They also grow seed for Fedco.

Clark first began co-creating with nature in Findhorn, an intentional community in the north of Scotland, where he grew up. At a young age, he got his green thumb from his mum who was a gardener there for 20 years, and she from her grandpa, a Dutch orchid grower. Clark worked in a plant nursery in the Caribbean for a few years and on three different organic farms in Maine until finally the conditions were right and he could create Marpa Farm & Nursery with his wife Steph, who has deep roots in Maine.

Visit their website, or follow them on Instagram. 

New Spoke Farm currently grows mixed vegetables, herbs and some flowers on a quarter acre of leased land in Gray. They use no-till and organic methods only. They get produce on the tables of Mainers through a CSA, two farmers’ markets and wholesale channels to local small grocers.

Visit their website or follow them on Instagram. 

Piper Mountain Farm is a Christmas tree farm located in Newburgh, Maine. The 30-acre farm was started in 1978 and taken over in 2022 by Molly and Jesse. As the new owners, they are excited to modernize the entire operation and implement more sustainable practices, as well as grow the farm into a year-round business that supports their love for both the community and environment.

Visit their website, or follow them on Instagram or Facebook. 

Power Family Farm is a small-scale, sustainable and diversified vegetable farm, completely free of pesticides and chemicals. They utilize a deep-mulch, no-till system and have built their farm using human-scale farming with no tractor, no digging, and hand tools. They believe in building community through connecting with nature and their neighbors through building soil health, growing healthy vegetables, and feeding other families like theirs. They also raise goats and chickens, and feel grateful to be doing so in Maine, where they believe it is possible to avoid big box stores altogether through being a part of connecting with the greater farming community at large.

Visit their website, or follow them on Instagram or Facebook. 

Suncatcher Flower Farm grows cut flowers on leased land on Wabanaki territory, today known as Brunswick, Maine. Farmer Krysten Powell works in communion with the land, using regenerative and restorative practices to grow bountiful and beautiful flowers for the community. The farm grows primarily for wholesale accounts, local grocers, florists and other farms.

Visit their website, or follow them on Instagram. 

3 Level Farm Creamery is part of a diversified multi-family farm community and maintains a herd of dairy goats. The milk from their goats is used to make small-batch artisanal aged cheeses, yogurt and other dairy products. They work closely with their neighbors to improve soil health and build community.

Visit their website.