Canada Reinette


Yoncalla, OR (Nick Botner Colletion)


Canada Remaet, Reinette of Canada, Canada Pippin, Canadian Reinette, De Bretagne, Die Haarlemer Reinette, Die Weiberreinette, German Green, Grosse Reinette D'Angleterre, Grosse Reinette d'Angleterre, Juanarea, Kanada Renette, Kanada Reinette, Mela Juanera, Pariser Rambour Reinette, Pariser Rambour Reinet, Pariser Rambour Renett, Pomme de Caen, Portugal, Reinette de Canada, Renette Grosse De Angleterre, Reinette Monstruese de Canada, Reinette du Canada, Renette von Canada, Reinette de Caen, Reinette de Canada a Cotes, St. Helena Russet, Wahr Reinette, Wesse Antillische Winterreinette, White Pippin, Yellow Newtown Pippin


Probably Normandy, France; before 1771




Fresh eating/dessert

Distinctive Features

olive green with reddish blush and indistinct stripes


Blenheim Orange, Charette, Milwaukee

Status of Name

Likely Correct, Not Verified

DNA Information

Not yet tested
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