Mending as Adornment: Magical Patches

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When a garment is ripped or torn, we are given the chance to mend and repair it, and in the process, make it more beautiful. 
In this two and a half hour workshop, we will create magical embroidered patches to use for mending our clothing. Participants can work with symbols of animals, plants, symbols and color to imbue these pieces with certain intentions, and then wear them as we move through the world. We will learn and practice basic stitches together, and then each participant is invited to create a patch to attach to a garment they brought. This will be a slow and gentle learning space, rooted in community. All materials provided, and participants are only asked to bring an item in need of repair. Beginners welcome!

This event is offered on a sliding scale of $20-30. 


A embroidery hook with a folklore design of an eye.
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