Growing and Using Nuts in Maine

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This event is being offered on a sliding scale of $15-$45; please pay what you are able.

Often overlooked, nuts are a high energy and nutritious food source that have a long shelf life, making nut trees valuable assets on a farm or homestead.  Join Jesse Stevens (owner/operator of a tree nursery in Norway, Maine, and a passionate grower of unique fruit and nuts) for this workshop all about growing healthy & productive nut trees in this climate.

Learn about selecting species to grow, choosing planting sites, propagating nuts, and caring for nut trees.  Species we will focus on will be hazelnut and hybrids, chestnuts, hickory, and walnuts. Jesse will also bring some seed from his own trees to share with participants. We will visit mature nut trees on the MOFGA grounds, crack nuts using several different methods and discuss the best ways to process various kinds of nuts for eating. Jesse will also teach about planting young nut trees with a demo on the MOFGA grounds.

This workshop has filled. To be placed on the wait list please email [email protected].

Learn about this amazing nut - the chestnut - and many others.
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