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The Common Ground Country Fair highlights talks on a vast array of topics. In this area, hear from speakers on topics related to personal health, environmental health, social issues, and much more.

Bicycle Parking

At the Fair, you are greeted by bells and cheers when you arrive by bicycle.
This year, learn a little more about bikes from these videos and then maybe take a spin around your neighborhood.
The Slow ME Down Campaign
In this video we are joined by Eliza Cress of the Bicycle Coalition Coalition of Maine who introduces us to the Slow ME Down Campaign, which aims to make streets safer by cyclists and pedestrians in Maine.
Bike Touring 101
In this video we are joined by Eileen Johnson of the Bicycle Coalition of Maine who helps us plan and prepare for a first bike tour.
Bike Touring 101
How to Build a Tiny House Heater
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Energy and Shelter

The Common Ground Country Fair highlights talks on a vast array of topics. In this area, hear from speakers on topics related to personal health, environmental health, social issues, and more.
How to Build a Tiny House Heater
In this video, Albee Barden shows us how to build a small masonry wood heater for a tiny house or cabin.
Heat Pump Water Heater: Features & Benefits
Tens of thousands of Mainers own heat pump water heaters. They’re popular because they produce lots of hot water, can save more than $3,000 over their ten-year life cycle. This video will explain what heat pump water heaters are, how they work, and how they can save you money.
Efficiency Maine – Introduction to heat pumps  
This video describes how air source heat pumps are installed, how they work, how to use them, and their key advantages and disadvantages.
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Learn more about Efficiency Maine’s programs in this video.

Environmental Concerns

Many people get involved with MOFGA due to their concerns about the health of our environment. Learn about some projects and ideas here – and find more of interest in the Social & Political action area below!
Organic Textile Labeling Claims
In this video we follow Lori Wyman as she explores organic textile labeling.
Death by Degrees
In this video we follow Janis Petzel MD, of the Physicians for Social Responsibility Maine Chapter, as she discusses the health impacts of climate change in Maine including connections to social and racial justice. The talk focuses on three areas of most concern – tick borne illness, heat impacts, mental health, and respiratory and allergy impacts.
EARTHLIFE | Alewives
Join the Greenhorns to learn about Alewives in this beautiful video – and check out future episodes at:
OUR LAND Episode 3: Adaptive Seeds
One solution to the problem of monoculture and monopoly practices, is the emergence of new producers, new varieties, active breeders and active savers of open pollinated varieties. That is what we learn about in this video. Adaptive Seeds is a new company run by two passionate young farmers, and it’s just one of the dozens of new start-up seed companies committed to rebuilding our agricultural biodiversity, and especially regionally adapted varieties. To expand the genetic diversity and choice of seeds available to farmers and gardeners alike, is to expand production of a wide range of healthy varieties available to farmers and eaters.
Death by Degrees
EARTHLIFE | Alewives
Simple Flow | 45 Minutes
Herbal Medicine Origins

Health & Healing

During the Fair, this area represents a broad spectrum of subjects pertaining to soundness of body, mind and soul; healing; well-being and other health-related issues throughout the life span. This year, you can take a break with these two yoga videos and learn more with this talk about herbs in Maine.
Common Grounding: Yoga for Connection
In this video we follow Emily Blau, who you might recognize from year’s manure pitch, as she invites us to take a moment in the Virtual Common Ground Fair to disconnect from Zoom and reconnect to your body, mind and spirit. Using imagery and meditation, this flow will help root ourselves into the Earth to feel more centered and grounded and will engage our breath for strength and length.
Simple Flow | 45 Minutes
This simple flow is accessible to all levels and abilities. Honor your body and meet yourself where you are today. Put on your favorite mellow music and redi…
Herbal Medicine Origins
In this video we follow Moriah and Pampi of the Wildwood Path as they share about approaching, identifying, processing, and sharing the herbal abundance of Maine.

Social and Political Action

Sustainable agriculture requires sustainable communities. The very basis and justification of organic agriculture is that it should not harm the earth, its plants, animals and its people. Learn more in this area about policies and projects that help support healthy communities and agriculture.
Modeling Climate Policies and Carbon Pricing
In this video we follow Peter Dugas of the Citizens’ Climate Lobby as he demonstrates various climate policies modeled using MIT’s EnRoads Climate Simulator. We will compare the effectiveness of proposed climate policies, discuss current legislative action and empower participants to promote equitable climate action to our lawmakers.
Water is Life: Feminism and Environmentalism
In this video we follow members of the El Salvador Sistering Committee in a discussion about how women organizing in El Salvador created momentum for a national water law stating that water is a human right.
OUR LAND Episode 6: The Crown O’ Maine
It all started in a family van hauling organic potatoes to Boston from the very northernmost point of New England, Aroostook County, known as the Crown O’ Maine. Follow along as this project grows in this video from the Greenhorns.
OUR LAND Episode 2: Distribution
Join the Greenhorns for this video about food distribution.
Welcoming Diversity through Nature Connection
In this video we join Estephanie Martinez-Alfonzo of the Wildwood Path for a discussion about what lessons nature has taught us about navigating multi-racial relationships and uplifting People of Color in predominantly white rural spaces.
(Note: contains some mild language.)
Water is Life: Feminism and Environmentalism
Welcoming Diversity through Nature Connection
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