Each year at the Common Ground Country Fair, visitors enjoy touring the livestock barns, watching demonstrations, learning about fiber, and talking to experts about raising livestock. We hope you these videos from some of our regular demonstrators and speakers. Keep an eye out for some familiar teams of oxen and horses!

Learn about Livestock

Watch these videos to learn more about caring for livestock on your own farm or homestead.
Combing and Plucking an Angora Rabbit
In this video we follow Karen Cornell as she combs and plucks the fur from her angora rabbit.
Farming in the Presence of Carnivores
In this video we are joined by wildlife biologist Geri Vistein who shares her knowledge about how to farm successfully with coyotes living nearby. Older kids and adults who are interested in learning about coyotes might also enjoy this video!
Chicken Handling
Handling chickens can be a breeze with these tips and tricks from MOFGA’s livestock and organic dairy specialist.
Sheep Handling 1
The shearers make it look easy, but tipping sheep can leave some frustrated. This is a must-watch for anyone handling sheep..
Milking Stand
This is a look at a home milking stand for either sheep or goats.
Pen Checks
This farm can do quick animal health assessments with little disturbance.
Combing and Plucking an Angora Rabbit
Sheep Handling 1

Enjoy demonstrations

Sit back and relax while you watch some livestock demonstrations, a longtime Fair favorite, from our farmers and homesteaders.
Three shorthorns
A short introduction to Litchfield area shorthorns pointing out some of their unique traits.
Demonstration of working with steers
Morgan Family Demo: Oxen Hitching
In this video, we join the Morgan family as one family member hitches a team of young oxen to a cart and moves them around a short course.
Morgan Family Demonstration: Driving a team of Oxen
In this video, we join the Morgan family as one member demonstrates her driving ability with a team of oxen.
Steers -Lauren
Lauren discusses yokes and demonstrates how to yoke a pair of steers.
Training Steers
Tips and tools for training steers.
Harnessing a horse
Harnessing the power of horses. Logan demonstrates how to harness a horse.
The Welch family shows off their oxen teams and explains their personal enjoyment while young Howard demonstrates his skill at driving Tom and Jerry.
Driving Oxen
Watch as Lauren demonstrates driving a young team of oxen.
A brief look at Logan and his pair of 22 yr old halflingers that he uses in twitching and scooting competitions at various fairs around Maine.
Morgan Family Demonstration: Oxen in a Short Course
In this video, we join the Morgan family as one member drives their team of oxen through a short course.
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