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By Joyce White In the limited space claimed from the surrounding woods of Stoneham, Maine, to accommodate their home, Liz Como and Andy Chakoumakos grow vegetables, herbs and flowers in pots and raised beds. The fourth owners of this owner-built home share it with 5-year-old Sofia, who joined their family as an infant. The home

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Matchbox Peppers

Roberta Bailey of Fedco Seeds has dehybridized ‘Super Chili’ peppers to produce a stable, open-pollinated hot pepper called ‘Matchbox.’ English photo. By Tim King In late September, my glossy green ‘Matchbox’ peppers, with their heavy load of waxy red and yellow chilies, were like decorated Christmas trees. We used to grow ‘Super Chili’ before we

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Pest Report – August 16, 2019

European Corn Borer In Peppers (Among Others)Winter Squash Looks Ready; Should I Harvest?   Farmers and gardeners are truly seeing the fruits of their labors now, with all manner of crops being harvested! As the harvesting season continues and you start to get the harvesting itch while looking at your winter squash, make sure it’s

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