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Tips Fall 2008

Grazing Cattle All Winter “Swath grazing” – pushing harvested crop leftovers into row piles up to 16 inches high to keep them within reach of cows – allows cattle to graze year-round, even in the middle of a North Dakota winter, and can save farmers as much as 24 cents per cow per day from

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Tips for Livestock Care

By Diane Schivera Copyright 2006 Following are highlights from the New England Sustainable Livestock Conference in Vermont and MOFGA’s Livestock Health workshop featuring Hue Karreman, a holistic veterinarian from Pennsylvania, and Jim and Nancy Gardiner, dairy farmers from Otselic, New York. For complete notes and handouts, contact me. Comments about bovine usually apply to all

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Organic Dairy Farming Prices and Profits

By Rick Kersbergen, Tim Dalton and Lisa Bragg Copyright ©2006 by the authors The authors are extension professor, associate professor and research assistant, University of Maine, Orono. They wish to acknowledge the work of Robert Parsons, Glenn Rogers, Dennis Kauppila, and Qingbin Wang at the University of Vermont and Nat Bacon and Lisa McCrory of

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Moving Forward with Intention at Dickey Hill Farm

Noami Brautigam and James Gagne with their ‘Super Sugar Snap’ peas at Dickey Hill Farm in mid-June The Belfast Farmers’ Market was Dickey Hill’s main sales outlet this year. A small herd of rotationally grazed beef cattle diversifies income streams for Dickey Hill and helps cycle nutrients on the farm. Peas and carrots in a

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