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The Heartland Study

Weeds impact every farm field, every year, everywhere around the world. Herbicides are pesticides that control weeds and they account for over two-thirds of global pesticide use. Herbicides are the only type of pesticide for which use is rising, with no end in sight. How did we get here? More links The Heartland Study

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Your Organic Meat Might Not Actually Be Organic

March/April 2020 – By Amelia Pang, Mother Jones – If you’ve ever bought organic meat, you’ve noticed the hefty price tag: An organic chicken can cost more than twice a conventional one. For some shoppers, that upcharge is worth it—the circular green and white “USDA Organic” label guarantees that the meat comes from an animal

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Dig for Victory 2020

Undated – Dig for Victory 2020 is an empowering response to the coronavirus crisis. People across the world are scared, anxious and uncertain of what will happen next. Dig for Victory 2020 addresses these concerns head on by bringing people together to focus on something we can control – our gardens. More links Dig for

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