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Illustration of cows grazing on grass

Ways to Support Organic Dairy

In light of the decision by Danone, the owner of the Horizon Organic brand, to terminate contracts with 89 organic dairies in the Northeast, including 14 farms in Maine, there is an increased need to support local, organic dairy by consumers.  Organic dairy farms are the backbone of many of Maine’s rural communities. These farms

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Cover of Wild Design

Book Review: “Wild Design”

The Maine-based, award-winning children’s book author Kimberly Ridley shares her sense of wonder for the natural world with adults in her latest release, “Wild Design: Nature’s Architects.” By pairing brief essays on the forms of nature — including stalactites, coral reefs, pitcher plants and beaver lodges, to name a few — with reprints of antique

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Cover Rebugging the Planet

Book Review: “Rebugging the Planet”

Have you noticed fewer bugs on your windshields? With 40% of insect species at risk of extinction, and an impending “insectageddon,” we need to take steps right now to “rebug” our planet, says Vicki Hird. And she has a book full of ideas about how we can do that. Like many of us, Hird uses

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Cover of Winterland

Book Review: “Winterland”

Year-round Maine residents might be skeptical upon encountering the title of Cathy Rees’s newly released  book, “Winterland: Create a Beautiful Garden for Every Season.” Is this aimed for gardeners in California? Texas? Florida? Rest assured; it is not. Rees is the cofounder of Native Gardens of Blue Hill in Maine and draws from more than

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Cover of The Business of Botanicals

Book Review: “The Business of Botanicals”

Here in Maine, and much of New England, we are so lucky to have access to herbal companies that grow the plants for their herbal products — right on this land. But, maybe you have found yourself searching for bulk herbs you couldn’t find locally, purchasing them online and wondering where they come from. Or

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Cover of Redefining Rich

Book Review: “Redefining Rich”

In nearly 10 years of farming, I’ve read stacks of business books, listened to podcasts and attended nearly every marketing workshop at farming conferences I could get to. I’ve learned from leaders inside and outside the agriculture sector. And I still feel like there’s always more to learn. “Redefining Rich: Achieving True Wealth with Small

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Cover of In Search of Mycotopia

Book Review: “In Search of Mycotopia”

Doug Bierend’s “In Search of Mycotopia: Citizen Science, Fungi Fanatics, and the Untapped Potential of Mushrooms” was completed during the pandemic and takes the reader on a comprehensive, largely present-day tour of fungal enterprises, applications and subcultures, with well-placed backstories. I loved reading about the eventual discovery of halophilic fungi in Utah’s Great Salt Lake

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Book cover of Build Your Own Farm Tools

Book Review: “Build Your Own Farm Tools”

I have to admit that I was a little taken back when I first glanced at “Build Your Own Farm Tools.” For some time now I have followed, with great interest, articles posted by Jeff Volk online, and yet here was something different. What I first failed to see was that this is a book

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Book cover of Tiny Victory Gardens

Book Review: “Tiny Victory Gardens”

Acadia Tucker is a market farmer turned container grower. After helping to manage 2 acres of regeneratively grown produce in Point Roberts, Washington, Tucker returned to her home state of Maine. A plastic-potted basil accompanied her for part of her cross-country journey and, with it, her love of growing plants in pots was ignited. The

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