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Here’s How America Uses Its Land

July 31, 2018 – By Dave Merrill and Lauren Leatherby, Bloomberg – There are many statistical measures that show how productive the U.S. is. Its economy is the largest in the world and grew at a rate of 4.1 percent last quarter, its fastest pace since 2014. The unemployment rate is near the lowest mark in a half century.


Converting to organic farming as a way to enhance adaptive capacity

July 31, 2018 – By Maëlys Bouttes et al., Organic Agriculture – Twenty French dairy farmers’ decision to convert to organic farming was driven by their expectation that it would enhance their adaptive capacity, thus enabling them to better face current turbulences and future changes in the broader context.


Blueberry Blues

August 2018 – By Joyce Kryszak, Down East – It’s tradition in Washington County to wave to other motorists as they pass by, and Down Easters say there’s a different wave for every town. Ed Hennessey, of Whitneyville, raises his broad palm sideways to greet folks as we make our way past miles of wild blueberry barrens in his gray GMC pick-up on an equally gray morning. Soon, we see a truck carrying Hennessey’s son, Mike, who extends the same open-palm wave.


Barn Swallows

August 2018 – By Willy Blackmore, Down East – By Some of Maine’s liveliest spots for dinner and drinks these days are down on the farm — and for some Maine farmers, the gastronomic “barn social” is a key part of a new agrarian model.


Conservation district seeing progress with cover crops for potato farms

July 27, 2018 – By Anthony Brino, The County – The Southern Aroostook Soil and Water Conservation District is seeing strong momentum among potato farms using cover crops for both building soil health and preventing soil erosion, according to Executive Director Angela Wotton.


New England Organic Egg Farmer Takes On FDA Over What Is ‘Healthy’

July 27, 2018 – By Chris McKinnon, CBS Boston – When it comes to healthy eating, many nutritionists will tell you that eggs have gotten a bad rap due to high levels of fat and cholesterol. But “eggs are a fabulous, nutrient-dense food,” says Boston University Nutritionist Joan Salge-Blake.


Market condition threatens local dairy farmers

July 27, 2018 – WAGM – Markets are based on supply and demand, but when your product is produced daily, it can affect prices. Vaughn Chase, owner of Chase's Organic Dairy Farm in Mapleton, says for over two years now farmers have dealt with a huge surplus of milk.