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Deployment of organic farming at a landscape scale maintains low pest infestation and high crop productivity levels in vineyards

October 30, 2017 – By Lucile Muneret et al., Journal of Applied Ecology – Policies promoting the development of organic farming in conventional vineyard landscapes will not lead to greater pest and disease infestations but will reduce the pesticide treatment intensity and maintain crop productivity. Moreover, the interactions between semi‚Äźnatural habitats in landscape and local farming practices suggest that the deployment of organic farming should be adapted to landscape contexts.


Leave the Leaves!

October 6, 2017 – By Justin Wheeler, Xerces Society – Besides providing the right plants, and protecting your garden from pesticides, one of the next most valuable things you can do to support pollinators and other invertebrates is to provide them with the winter cover they need in the the form of fall leaves and standing dead plant material. Frequently however, this is the hardest pill for gardeners to swallow.