Twin Villages Foodbank Farm

Twin Villages Foodbank Farm (TVFF) is a community-based farm that grew 45,000 pounds of food in 2021 and collected close to 30,000 pounds from other sources to distribute in Lincoln County, Maine. Our goal is to involve the community through volunteer and student engagement, as we grow as much food as possible for our neighbors who need it most. We provide food to seven food pantries and several youth programs across the county. The farm grows 12 crops, focusing on more storage crops every season to extend our reach further into the winter months. As a non-profit farm, we wear many hats to manage every day planting and harvesting, the Food Storage Hub, community volunteer participation, and community outreach. As the farm grows over the next few seasons, we see many opportunities for staff to grow into new and expanding roles.


110 Belvedere Rd, Damariscotta

Hours and Work Season

2 part-time positions, 3 days a week, late April or May 1 to late October or early November.

Payment Type



$15-$20 an hour based on farm experience

Job Description

What we look for:

1. Enthusiasm, positive attitude, and sense of humor are key to working together at the farm. Central to the farm’s mission is building relationships and community. A willingness to engage with farm staff, volunteers, community partners and young people is central to our mission of building a vibrant community.

2. There are many moving pieces to a community-based farm and we are seeking staff who can wear several hats. The large majority of work will be growing intensively on 3 acres while producing as much food for the community as possible. Including: seed starting, irrigation, cover cropping, adding amendments by tractor and by hand, minimal tillage and no-till practices, bed prep with BCS and tractor, harvesting, weeding, post-harvest and packing out storage hub, delivery to pantry, general farm maintenance (work with fencing, equipment, and the storage hub). Additional jobs may include helping with supporting community outreach, such as tabling at community events. Assist in receiving large deliveries to the hub, packing and unpacking pallets, loading pantry carts, and general hub cleaning.

3. Demonstrated interest and experience in agriculture and community food. Comfort interacting with community visitors (although we will have smaller groups with Covid). Ability to work with and lead small groups of volunteers and students for field tasks. Ability to engage students who need extra direction. Interest working with students patiently to start seeds in the Great Salt Bay School’s new greenhouse.

4. This is a seasonal position for a field crew member, 3 days per week (between M-TH), beginning late April through October or early November. We work a 7 hour day, with the intention of keeping physical labor sustainable. Depending on wet weather, May and June may require a few longer days to accommodate the busiest part of the planting season. Shoulder season work may be available, depending on need and will be arranged separate from the responsibilities and expectations outlined in this position description.

5. Farming is very physical, repetitive work. Experience and comfort with physical work, in all kinds of weather is necessary. Applicants must be able to sustainably and repetitively lift 40-50 pounds many times throughout the course of a day. Ability to bend and kneel for planting, weeding, thinning, and harvesting several hours at a time a must.

6. Highest care in following Covid protocol, for the health and safety of each other, our families, and sustainability of the farm.
To apply send your information, resume or work experience, and why you are interested to Sara at [email protected] thank you!


Application Details and Deadline

Ongoing, check out our latest videos of the farm on our homepage.
To apply send your information, resume or work experience, and why you are interested to Sara at [email protected] thank you!

Twin Villages Foodbank Farm

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