Smithereen Farm

Smithereen farm is a highly diversified organic farm located in remote and beautiful Washington County.
We grow herbs, algae, veggies, fruits ( cranberry, wild blueberries) a huge young orchard, mushrooms.
We make products from these crops, teas, jams 13 of them which we wholesale and retail online, and then we also run a farmstore.
The Blueberry lands also host a set of camping tents, the home farm also has an outdoor kitchen where we host educational programming.
We wild harvest, dry and grind up seaweed with our own drying greenhouses and herbs are in the drying room. So there are lots of moving parts.
Go see the website to get a good sense of what we’re up to.

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12 Little Falls Road, Pembroke ME 0466

Hours and Work Season

Starting first with part time and moving to full time.

Payment Type



$25/hour to start, happy to move up based on performance

Job Description

NEW Position: Smithereen Office and Sales Manager
Location: On-site in Pembroke, Maine
Hours: Part time, with probability of moving to full time based on performance
Hourly Pay: $25 /hour

Overview: We are seeking a dynamic individual to fill the role of Smithereen Farm Office and Sales Manager. This part-time position combines responsibilities for office management, sales coordination, and program/event support across various Smithereen Farm initiatives.

Office Management Responsibilities:
Serve as the primary contact for office-related communication (office@smithereenfarm, sales@smithereenfarm).
Oversee operations, ensuring cleanliness, organization, and a welcoming environment for guests.
Manage Google office folders, document ordering, and sharing.
Handle Last pass for Smithereen Farm and related software.
Set up RSVP forms for paid farm events/ Spa Days etc.
Maintain knowledge of operations manuals, filing cabinets, and ensure they are updated.
Manage inbox, flagging priorities, and sorting incoming mail.
Receive and annotate deliveries, checking invoices for accuracy.
Handle supply management and order necessary materials or supplies.
Handle accounts payable and receivable, track expenses against general ledger accounts.
Update websites, deploy listserv, and manage social media platforms.
Assist in communications and outreach, managing Mailchimp and newsletter preparations.
Monitor and respond to messages on Facebook and other platforms.
Where there are overlapping roles with Greenhorns operations, our partner nonprofit, create a tracking/ billing system to accurately track your time there, and bill accordingly.

Sales Responsibilities:
Develop and execute a sales plan for Smithereen Farm products.
Delegate sales calls to wholesale accounts while overseeing the store.
Manage sales emails and fulfillment of orders using Square, Woo Commerce, and Pirateship.
Validate payments with bookkeeper/CFO monthly.
Conduct updates to sales accounts to remind customers to order.
Maintain inventory in the warehouse, reorder ingredients as needed, and organize sales meetings.
Handle paperwork administration for Smithereen Farm, including insurance and lease agreements.
Create sales plans for the store and manage license renewals.
Track inventory and sales, update vendor spreadsheet, and onboard new vendors.
Manage relationships with WIC and Senior farmshare.
Place orders from vendors, oversee staff hours, and report cash sales.
Handle brochures/maps/visitor information inventory and deposit cash/checks in the bank.
Coordinate pickup of offsite orders and prepare monthly sales reports.
Manage inventory for take-away food, oversee retail artist duties.
Design and update the operational plan for take-away food at the farm store.
Improve SOPs, manage outreach, shipping, and wholesale accounting.
Handle backend tasks on Smithereen website, inventory management, and optimization.
Print necessary materials and manage the webstore correspondence and WordPress.
Act as a backup for office/physical plant duties.

Oversee purchase inventory management of farmstore products.
Manage shipping of VAP products for Smithereen Farm.
Update databases for new leads and track invoices.
Improve and update SOPs for policy and operations materials.
Program/Event Management & Hospitality:
Coordinate office-based management for farm based art and education programming.
Oversee communication with art/community/residency and art guest hospitality aspects- oversee the “ Campus residency tracker” spreadsheet, get people travel info.
Assist/delegate in event setup, breakdown, and public interaction.
Ensure cleanliness and preparedness for On farm events, delegate/ oversee cleaning and materials provision ( ie Spa Day, blueberry open day)
Manage the backend of the Hospitality website (HIPCAMPs) which can get a bit intense in August.

Proficiency in Google Workspace, Trello, WordPress, Instagram, and Facebook.
Strong organizational, communication, and multitasking skills.
Ability to learn and adapt to various tasks and software.
Previous experience in office management, sales, and program/event coordination is a plus.

Work Environment:
Part-time with the possibility to move to full-time.
On-site in Pembroke, Maine, with a varying schedule, including weekends for events.
Ideal candidate either resides on-campus or within close driving distance. We offer subsidized worker housing for $350/ month for a very nice room in a very nice house that includes all utilities, laundry, wifi, parking etc.

How to Apply:
Submit your resume and cover letter to [email protected] with Smithereen Office and Sales Manager in the subject.


What to Expect from Us

We are growing an exciting and multi dimensional business, a family, a farm– all building at once, in real time. This is a good position to learn a LOT about business startup, entrepreneurship, value added, wild and diverse foods and their foodways, In this position you are exposed to our 7 years of business systems, and improving them. We are open and we are motivated, we have lots of wonderful guests, teachers, artists, experts coming to visit– and things happen pretty fast, so expect to be stimulated!

Application Details and Deadline

Please send resume and cover letter to [email protected]
We welcome an informational visit/ tour.

Smithereen Farm

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